Put No Trust in the Future


You know that item in your closet that you only pay a visit to maybe twice a year?  This dress is one of those items for me.  I love it and all, but the print is so crazy I just try not to wear all the time.  I think the last time I wore it was way back last October!!  That was the cold weather version and this is the summerized version.  I found this dress at Wild Man Vintage when I was visiting my friend in Lawrence.  If you're ever in that area you have to check this place out!!  It's such a cute shop.


Oh and I just realized that tomorrow is the first day of September!!  Is that right?  I just can't believe it.  I feel like I've crapped away my whole summer.  I'm still trying find time to visit a lighthouse, go to the beach, do a picnic, and perhaps fly a kite...or something nostalgic like that.  I haven't even found one simple little sea shell to keep for a summer memento.  I mean I guess I have until mid September to really freak out about missing out on summer, but still.  Labor Day is in less than one week.  


Now, enough banter about time flying past too fast.  I mean I should have listened to Quintus Horatius Flaccus and just "Carpe Diem". 

Dress, Wild Man Vintage
Vintage Belt, Thrifted
Shoes, Target
Ribbon Bracelet, Dana Mariah Etsy

Picnic at Night

Oh yes, this really was a lovely day. Not only did the weather permit me to pull out my favorite vintage shirt in the history of the world, but it was nice enough to have a wonderful picnic outdoors with my friends Dylana, Kim, and Brian. We decided to skip out on all the fuss of rushing to happy hour and decided to create our own private one. I'd say it beat being in a stuffy restaurant exponentially. Plus, I was with the world's most awesome foodies (aka Brian and Kim) so of course they ensured that we didn't go hungry. We went to this awesome local Philly market place called Di Bruno Brothers and picked up a delicious cheese spread, fresh baguette, and olives and completed it with a bottle of wine. So began our picnic under the stars.

PS- a huge thanks to Kim for taking these photos with her stellar lens. I think I'm in love!


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wearing: top- Vintage

skirt- Urban Outfitters

bag- Ebay

oxfords c/o Shop Ruche

Trust Fund Dress layering

wearing; Stylestalker black trust fund dress (as a Top) from About Eloise, Monday March jacket and pants, Frye Boots

The weather (icky as per usual lately) didn't gave me a change to really show off my new Stylestalker dress from the Dutch/European webshop About Eloise. ( Finally a European shop that's a bit like the American ones we love so much!)

But it did gave me a change to show that I often use dresses as tops when I'm in a layering mood :)


ps. I still didn't made up my mind between the Lilac and Mint dr. Martens.. impossible to choose...

Curled up

Started curling my hair again. It's finally long enough after my last catastrophic haircut made it too short I only liked it somewhat straight.

I posted this quick pic on
my Twitter and got a bunch of questions on how I did it. I'll try to do some sort of picture tutorial because my explanation isn't that clear but here it goes:

1) Dry your hair completely and
use a heat protecting spray

2) Divide all your hair in to three parts.
One small section on the top and two bigger, equal sized parts in the middle and bottom of your head. I use the top of my ears as an indicator of where to separate the middle from the bottom bart. Twist all your hair except the bottom layer in a bun so it’s out the way.

3) We start with the bottom layer.
Divide that in to a left side and a right side.

4) Begin curling with one side – I do left first.
Divide that side in pieces of hair that are about 4 centimeters wide - yes; most of the work is in parting hair ;) - and start curling those in a motion going away from your face. You hold the iron horizontally and then roll the iron in a motion going away from your face, starting at the tip of your hair.

5) Hold the iron for a few seconds and carefully roll it out. Immediately spray the curl with hairspray when it comes out of the iron. Now do the same with the right section.

6) You’re now done with the bottom section. Repeat step 3 to step 5 on the middle section of your hair.
   7) Now everything is curled except for a small section of hair on top of your head. Where the parting of my hair starts, I take a string of hair that's about 4 centimeters wide on both sides and curl those to the outside. This frames your face so pay extra attention to getting a perfect curl.

8) The rest of the top layer I curl like traditional curl rollers. I lift up the hair so the tip of the hair faces the ceiling and then roll the curling iron down to my head, rolling inwards.

9) Shake it out, lightly brush the curls so they become softer and set with hairspray again. Voilà!

 Two last tips:
- For a more natural look, curl some hair outwards (rolling the curling iron away from your face) and some inwards (rolling towards your face).

- For the best result clip the hot curls to your head with small (bobby) pins, hairspray that and take the pins out when the curls are cooled off.

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NOVELTY | A Book About Girls by Valentina Vos



Today the second episode of a series of interviews I'm making for Fashionscene.nl will be online. It is a video series about the workingspaces of people who work in fashion. The picture is a screenshot of the interview with photographer Valentina Vos . Probably the sweetest girl on the planet. She is telling me about her book, One Seventy Four. When she opened the book to the first page it said; voor Ivania liefs Valentina, to Ivania love Valentina. A sweet surprise and an amazing addition to my book collection.

One Seventy Four

Two paragraphs from the introduction that say it all

The images show an unpretentious atmosphere, due to the fact that Valentina used no make up, merely the lipstick some of the models were already wearing. She is also a very talented stylist, using her own fashion collection combined with personal items of the models. from Mickey Mouse sweaters and cute panties to lumberjack shirts and tight dresses. Posing as little cats and bunnies and pulling funny faces. The chosen locations are not glamorous at all, the girls are photographed in front of a white background, everyday surroundings like the park, Valentina's appartment or even their own home.

None of the models is were retouched in Photoshop: forget the longer legs, adjusted hips and flawless skin. Every birthmark, bruise or spot is visible and makes them even more vulnerable. Valentina is showing you the real girls.

Order One Seventy Four by Valentina Vos here

The bag...

Still overly excited that this bag is finally mine. Like I told you here, I've been lusting over the Balenciaga City bag ever since I was a young teenager. Right then I secretly set out a goal to have it one day, when I was all grown up. Now that didn't happen just yet. But with my Master's degree in sight, my new job at ELLE, making my blog a profession and just generally being in a good place, I felt like I had so much to celebrate and just did it. Couldn't be happier with this purchase and it really lifts up every simple outfit.

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Colored and Cropped


Today when we were taking our pups for our daily walk we decided to look around the park and see what type of destruction was left after the storm.  A few large limbs and a whole large tree were just sitting around.  It was kind of sad to see these huge trees just laying there like that.  Its humbling to realize that wind and rain can have such a effect on our surroundings.  Thank goodness none of the trees were near someone's home. 


Since the storm is all over I'm gonna put it behind me at this point and just start thinking about a few more positives in my life.  First things first, I'm going to NYC and I'm stoked!!  It's been too long since I was last there and this year I think I'm gonna have a lot more fun.  It won't be winter (for one thing) so I won't freeze my butt off plus I have a goal in mind to not be so closed off and shy. I'm naturally a shy person so I hope if I meet any of you I have something interesting to say!


And about my outfit.  I felt like color blocking this look with two colors that I absolutely hate together, but they worked in these lighter shades.  I mean, there is only so much more time that I can wear pastels without looking out of place with fall leaves and pumpkins around.   So there you are.  A color blocking look that is somewhat trendy with the cropped top and a high waisted skirt.


T-shirt, UO
Vintage Skirt, Blog Shop
Teal Wedges, Payless
Enamel Bracelet, Thrifted
Doll House Clock Necklace, Jaclyn1423

Army Jacket

ph. by Magdalena Zielasko, editing by Belletette

(wearing Urban Outfitters jacket, American Apparel shorts and crop top, The Scarlet Room bag, Casio watch)

Londyn to jedno z najbardziej inspirujących miejsc w jakich miałam okazję przebywać. Każda dzielnica wyróżnia się nie tylko swoim specyficznym klimatem, architekturą, ale i ludźmi, którzy tam mieszkają i żyją. Mam to szczęście, że mieszkam właśnie we wschodnim Londynie, na Shoreditch, gdzie spotykam ludzi tak oryginalnie ubranych, że zamiast codziennie wchodzić na blogi modowe mogę czerpać inspiracje na żywo. Kolorowe włosy, demonia boots i obkolczykowane buzie są tu na porządku dziennym, dlatego wyróżnić się tu można chyba tylko urodą.

Ostatnie zdjęcia zrobiliśmy znowu na Brick Lane, obok najfajniejszego vintage store'u jaki widziałam w Londynie. Mając przed sobą kilkadziesiąt par szortów we wszystkich możliwych kolorach czuje się jak dziecko w fabryce cukierków ( w sumie w fabryce cukierków czułabym się podobnie ;)). Kupiłam kilka par, bo oczywiście nie mogłam się zdecydować na jeden kolor ( jedną parę żółtych w rozmiarze XS mam do sprzedania, więc gdyby ktoś z Was miał na nie ochotę, piszcie maila).

Na sobie miałam nową militarną kurtkę, która w końcu zastąpi mi wysłużoną klasyczną parkę, czarne szorty, biały krótki top, torbę z trójkątem i sandały, które ostatecznie nie załapały się na zdjęciach.

ENGLISH: London is one of the most inspiring places I've ever been to. Every district has it's own feeling, architecture and the people, who live there. I am lucky enough to be living in eastern London, in Shoreditch, and every day I meet people dressed so originally, that, instead of browsing fashion blogs, I can get inspirations immidiately. Freaky coloured hair, demonia boots and pierced faces are something casual here, so you can only stand out here with Your genuine beauty.

Latest pictures we've made on Brick Lane again, right next to the coolest vintage store in London. Standing in front of dozens of shorts in every possible colour I feel like a child in a candy factory. Obviously, I bought a couple of them, because I couldn't pick only one colour (one yellow xs pair is for sale, so email me if you're interested).

I was wearing my new military jacket, which will finally replace my old, worn, classic parka, black shorts, crop white top, triangle bag and sandals, which are not visible on the photos.

MUSIC: Daft Punk - Make Love


Okay so I will be the first to admit that I did not absolutely have to wear tights yesterday. But did

it make my day just a bit better? Yes of course! It was 60 degrees outside and super duper

windy, so I think it was totally acceptable pulling the tights out for this particular day. It

only made me that much more excited for fall which I can tell is creeping it's way into

Philly! Anyways, I received these booties last week and simply have not been able to take

them off since! I have been pairing them with maxi skirts & jeans (but mainly maxis)

and have found that they go with pretty much everything. It is so nice to have a staple piece

like these.

These photos were taken the morning after the hurricane. Thankfully I was not put into

any danger or harm, but I am keeping those who were in my thoughts. To get through

the weather, Dylana came over for a sleepover where we watched a billion movies,

made Indian food, drank wine, and indulged in yummy yogurt ice cream. Such a fun

night in! After being cooped up in the house for a day, we went to China Town

(the usual) and had yummy Vietnamese food followed by a delicious bubble tea

treat! I got the taro flavor mmm.

If you're looking for some cute hairstyles for Autumn then check out the ghd hairstyles guide on their website where they have some expert tips on how to create some chic styles.

Hope you all are having a fantastic start to your week!

wearing: Jean jacket- f21

skirt- Urban Outfitters

booties c/o Blowfish Shoes

bag- ebay


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Pastel Dr. Martens

(Image via nitrolicious.com)

(Image via weheartit - http://dirtylittlestylewhore.tumblr.com/ )
(image via love-aesthetics.blogspot.com/)

If all goes well, I will be the proud mama of some pastel dr. Martens by the end of this week!

I really like the (low) mint shoe the most but honestly I don't think they would look good on my skinny legs and narrow feet :(  

So it will be the lilac or mint boot that I'm going for! And although this is a summer collection I really think they would look better in Autumn/Winter with black tights!

So... Lilac or Mint?

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Outfit: Kiss and tell

A date night outfit from about a week ago, still in Bangkok, that would have been great to pair with my new Balenciaga bag. (Which will be on my blog tomorrow!)

Zara tweed jacket
Forrest & Bob tank
River Island denim shorts
Fashionology quartz necklace
H&M heels
Ray Ban Wayfarers 

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