Just Hand Me That Wine Spritzer


I think this is as summery as I can get!!  I simple white eyelet dress and some gingham wedges are just what was needed.  Just hand me a wine spritzer and a croquet racket and I'm good to go for a wonderful summer evening.  Unfortunately, the real world exists and I needed to get home and make a yummy dinner plus oatmeal raisin cookies since I'm just one of those crazy people who enjoys cooking after a long day at work.  Although croquet would've been nice too;) 


Oh!!  And if you are ever in the mood to really go shopping, I highly suggest you start in the forbidden closet that you never really seem to go into.  Our linen closet has become our catch all for random junk and last night I decided it was time to clean out the mess and get rid of 70% off our accumulated crap.  What I came away with was all sorts of jewelry I had forgotten about.  Including my Michael Kors watch that I "had to have!!" way back about 4 years ago.  Too bad I didn't notice the battery was dead until half way through my work day.  Whomp Whomp...


Have a fabulous hump day guys!!

White Eyelet Dress, Thrifted
Gingham Wedges, New/Thrifted
Micellaneous Jewelry, Vintage Shops and Closet