OUTFITS | Layering

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Sports bra H&M

Biker short American Apparel

See through dress American Apparel

Triblend tanktop American Apparel

Shirt with sleeves cut off H&M

Patent leatherpurse Thrifted

Hairy purse DIY

Shoes Acne

With the weather changing every couple of hours and autumn being just around the corner it's the perfect weather for layers. You can peel off a few when the sun shows his face and pile on a few when a bunch of dark clouds are passing by. Today I also piled up on bags. One for things that I need to take out often; my sunglasses, public transport pass and my phone. The other for the things that would usually be on the bottom of my purse; a book, some cosmetics, my wallet and keys. Wearing several bags at the same time isn't a burden at all, it's actually very practical to keep your stuff separated and it looks cool in a nomadic way. Check this post out about wearing multiple bags by Susie Bubble.