Oh my goodness!!  Today was quite exhausting.  It was one of those days that you knew you really looked like poo.  I had a customer ask me if I had a rough night.  I mean, did I look that bad?  haha...Although I did stay out much later than my bedtime.  Going to bed around midnight is quite late for me....since I'm a grandma or something.  Anywho, I'm starting to feel a little bit better and I'm gearing up for a quiet evening which involves salsa, tortillas, and a Mexican lasagna.  That should perk me up and brighten my spirits.  And if all else fails, I'm also watching Wet Hot American Summer.  That'll cure me. 


Aside from my incurable blabbing, I'm also trying to dress myself well for a day where I look like crap.  Thus the sunglasses.  I'm wearing this pretty vintage polyester skirt that I found in a vintage thrift store (yes my thrift store has a designated vintage section) for about $2.  I wanted the skirt to be the main focus, so I paired it with my nice white blouse and threw in some cognac accessories for good measure. 


Vintage Skirt, Thrift
Blouse, 2nd Hand from Friend
Heels, Buffalo Exchange
Purse, Fred Flare