Colored and Cropped


Today when we were taking our pups for our daily walk we decided to look around the park and see what type of destruction was left after the storm.  A few large limbs and a whole large tree were just sitting around.  It was kind of sad to see these huge trees just laying there like that.  Its humbling to realize that wind and rain can have such a effect on our surroundings.  Thank goodness none of the trees were near someone's home. 


Since the storm is all over I'm gonna put it behind me at this point and just start thinking about a few more positives in my life.  First things first, I'm going to NYC and I'm stoked!!  It's been too long since I was last there and this year I think I'm gonna have a lot more fun.  It won't be winter (for one thing) so I won't freeze my butt off plus I have a goal in mind to not be so closed off and shy. I'm naturally a shy person so I hope if I meet any of you I have something interesting to say!


And about my outfit.  I felt like color blocking this look with two colors that I absolutely hate together, but they worked in these lighter shades.  I mean, there is only so much more time that I can wear pastels without looking out of place with fall leaves and pumpkins around.   So there you are.  A color blocking look that is somewhat trendy with the cropped top and a high waisted skirt.


T-shirt, UO
Vintage Skirt, Blog Shop
Teal Wedges, Payless
Enamel Bracelet, Thrifted
Doll House Clock Necklace, Jaclyn1423