NOVELTY | A Book About Girls by Valentina Vos



Today the second episode of a series of interviews I'm making for will be online. It is a video series about the workingspaces of people who work in fashion. The picture is a screenshot of the interview with photographer Valentina Vos . Probably the sweetest girl on the planet. She is telling me about her book, One Seventy Four. When she opened the book to the first page it said; voor Ivania liefs Valentina, to Ivania love Valentina. A sweet surprise and an amazing addition to my book collection.

One Seventy Four

Two paragraphs from the introduction that say it all

The images show an unpretentious atmosphere, due to the fact that Valentina used no make up, merely the lipstick some of the models were already wearing. She is also a very talented stylist, using her own fashion collection combined with personal items of the models. from Mickey Mouse sweaters and cute panties to lumberjack shirts and tight dresses. Posing as little cats and bunnies and pulling funny faces. The chosen locations are not glamorous at all, the girls are photographed in front of a white background, everyday surroundings like the park, Valentina's appartment or even their own home.

None of the models is were retouched in Photoshop: forget the longer legs, adjusted hips and flawless skin. Every birthmark, bruise or spot is visible and makes them even more vulnerable. Valentina is showing you the real girls.

Order One Seventy Four by Valentina Vos here