I'll give you one guess as to who I am?  Come on!! I know, you know!  ...give up?  Yeah I don't really know either.  I just went to work in my most fall appropriate 50s dress while wearing a crinoline to up the ante as far as 50s era fashion goes.  I was also sporting a cute little apron, but I accidentally took it off before the photos.  Doh!!  So I guess you could say I was dressed up Laura Petrie from the Dick Van Dyke show.  Either way I liked my outfit. 


So I hope your Halloween weekend was a monster mash of fantasticness!!  If you checked out my Facebook page then you saw all the happenings going on in Richmond for a mini blogger meetup.  It was a blast getting to know some Virginian bloggers and eating tons of fondue.  Our hostess, Marleigh, was fabulous scary looking housewife. 


I hope you had a Happy Halloween!!!  I'll be buying my sh*t ton of discount candy from the drugstore tomorrow.  It's fun that way:)


Dress, Gloves & Hat, Vintage
Shoes, Cato

Happy Halloween

by the dust dances too


Happy Halloween! Everyone suitably gorged on sweets and chocolate? Good, not just me then. I love the film Beetlejuice and I love Winona, in a kind of nod to the new Models Own launch of their entitled beetlejuice collection that I simply cannot wait for! I think I'm going to go stick 'The Grudge' on and squirm behind a pillow, I love a jumpy flick. I'm feeling quite snuffly and started with a sore throat last night. I'm hoping it will have shifted by my birthday otherwise I might cry! 


Plunge Into Sublime Seas

I've had these shoes for years now, but I don't wear them much because they're like little straightjackets for your feet. The ideal style for your feet is bare; I don't even want to wander around my house in socks. But since that's usually rather unrealistic, we must don shoes; even so shouldn't we be able to escape these shoes in a timely manner? I like to think so. Still, I'm a sucker for these lace-ups because really anything that seems ballet inspired is aesthetic perfection.
Outfit details:
old school uniform cardigan
vintage dress
UO belt
Zara flats


Home of vintage store owner Hitoshi Uchida in Kamakura, Japan taken by Todd Selby.
A beautiful house in the middle of nature filled with vintage furniture. How ideal.

You can check out the rest here.


Camilla and Marc AW12

Sleek & sophisticated. Just love it.

Happy Halloween!!!


Check out the photos of the Halloween blogger meetup on my Facebook!!  
And while there, go ahead and become a fan!
I'll be back later today with a post:)

ZARA cocorosa t-shirt

Zara cocorosa T-shirt

Remember this post? and how it made my day?
So imagine how happy I am with another Zara cocorosa T-shirt!!
I can't thank everyone enough :)



As seen in space

Metallics, chokers, oversized sequins and the best accessories ever (I want one of those little space men to carry my bags, asap) make for one pretty space oddysey.

via fashiongonerouge spotted on trineswardrobe


If you ask me, I'd say it is pretty obvious that this outfit was inspired by the amazing

Cher Horowitz. This skirt instantly reminded me of her, and as a kid that grew up

in the 90's, she was (and still is) all that. I paired it with this sweater that I thrifted a

few weeks ago that I have been super excited to wear. Finally the weather is permitting

my recent thrift store finds to see the light of day! I have also been getting into jewelry

lately and absolutely love these rings from Milor. The silver and black one are both

from this amazing italian jewelry shop, and I must say I feel very fancy when I put them


Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend! Mine was fantastic. I was Minnie

Mouse one night and the Hamburglar the other. Check out some pictures here!


Follow Flashes of Style

wearing: top- Thrifted

BB Dakota skirt c/o LuLu*s

Chelsea Crew wedges c/o LuLu*s

Honey Bee Mine necklace c/o ModCloth

black & silver ring c/o Milor

favorite earrings by danielle kroll

monster mash

1. Huge tree in my garden 2. Creating pieces for Ballad Of 3. My desk and work 4. Hocus Pocus and Crunch Chocolate.

1. Haven't really had much time to blog this week. To be honest I haven't really been on my laptop all that much and when I get in from work at 7 I've just wanted to get into my onesie and flop in front of the TV because it's so dark and that makes me really tired. I did spend all of my day off on Wednesday in my room/ studio (ha) creating new illustrations and paintings. Some for my portfolio, one for a competition and others just for my own little projects. 

2. So it's Halloween tomorrow... what's peoples plans? Dressing up? Yesterday I just chilled with my friend after work. watching some mildly scary horror films, that's as far as I'm going this year, I was a leopard last year and headed to London. It's my birthday next Saturday though and we've booked to go and see Wizard of Oz and go out for dinner. 

3. I'm hopefully going to get my hair cut Tuesday evening. I've been contemplating a full long fringe and my hair is in need of a trim. Verdicts on fringe? I want it so it can be full but still middle parting it, think Edith Bowman, Fearne Cotton and Kate Moss

4. Also did anyone see 'Frozen Planet' on Wednesday night? Incredible!


Into The Wild

This lookbook by the Herschel Supply Co is a little more rugged and tomboyish than my personal style, but it certainly makes me want to put on some sensible boots and wander through woods and along rugged shores with someone tall, dark, and handsome...
herschel supply lookbook