Changing it Up


I am currently having one of those spells where I need to change all of my surroundings.  It's getting a little intense, but I am just craving to have a more cohesive look to my apartment.  This means indoor gardens, newish furniture, and do it yourself projects.  I'm such a finicky person when it comes to keeping a certain aesthetic, but I have been a lover of anything mid century modern for about three years now, so that's the look I'm heading with my living space.  And Zach's along for the ride too!!  He loves it as much as I do.  Although, my kitchyness isn't anything he's too fond of.  He's more minimalist.  Anywho, this has nothing to do with what I'm wearing.  I just felt like sharing a bit of my life with you all.  Would you all like me to share some of the diys I've been working on?  I've gotten some feedback already but could use some more:)


My outfit is something I threw on when I didn't know quite what to wear.  I sort of thought I'd put together a few different colors and then realized I had gone with primary colors!  It's sort of preschool when the colors are bold and bright, so I chose different shades of blue, red, and yellow and I think it worked out well!  And then I did my photos in front of this abandoned little building (not quite sure what it used to be) and I kind of fell in love with the location.  I might do my pictures back there more often.  Or on second thought maybe not.  There were tons of broken beer and whiskey bottles in that area, so I'm sure vagrants like to hang out there alone.  Not with a style blogger.


Vintage Dress, Thrifted
Vintage Belt, Thrifted
Shoes, Payless
Stone Necklace, 2nd Hand