Laughable Monday


There's nothing totally exciting to report to you all from the weekend.  It was low key and nice.  I helped a friend hem a dress (although it was a bit crooked), went to a going away party for a neighborly friend, and then lots of chores.  I'm counting down the days till vacation time when I head to NY.  I need more than two days off right about now.


And to make my Monday less Monday-ish I wore one of my favorite dresses.  This pretty green and navy and white dress is so crisp and fits so well that I can't help but be put in a good mood when I wear it.  It lent itself well to my yellow platforms, and I inadvertinley decided to match the fire hydrant.  Wasn't that clever?  Yeah, I thought so.  Hehee..  And you will notice that shit eating grin I'm wearing in the next picture was due to some hottie that went jogging behind Zach.  Zach caught me in mid "check out".  Whoops!

Dress, Shabby Apple
Platforms, Payless
Necklace, Madewell