DIY: Planting Indoor Gardens


I've had a sort of revelation and decided to spruce up my home a bit with plants.  I usually go head first into projects without actually doing much research, but I've learned my lessons.  After many failed attempts at planting indoor plants and then watching them die a slow death, I figured I'd do my best to really learn the art of indoor gardening.  So here is my latest venture!!  Along with some tips for you guys!!


First things first!!  Decide which plants will be best suited for your lifestyle.  Much like pets, you want to make sure you can dedicate a certain amount of attention to your plants.  I chose succulents, since I already have pets and figured I'd start with plants that don't require too much attention.  Succulents require little watering and a good sunny window.

When you chosen your plants, choose the soil that will be best for your plants.  There are special mixes for cacti, African violets, succulents, and indoor potted flowers. 


Next, choose some planters.  These are some things I thought would make good planters, but the only one that actually worked out was the milk glass goblet.  I wanted an eclectic theme for my windows, so I have a few vintage planters that ended up making the cut, along with some from Ikea. 


Now get to planting!!  And don't forget to give a nice watering to your plants.  They'll need it after being repotted in different planters.


Place them in a good window that gets either full sunlight or partial sunlight.  The amount of sunlight your plants will need should be on the plant description at the nursery.  Enjoy!!!