I have worn this outfit on my blog so many times yet each time the outfit has been completely different. I just love remixing outfits creating something new and fresh each time. This skirt was originally floor length when I purchased it, but I really think that shortening it really spruced it up. Somethings are just way better as a mini than a maxi! Wore this outfit to a lazy Sunday picnic in the park with Dylana, complete with hummus, cherries, celery and peanut butter... YUM!

Well I hope you all are having a lovely week. I cannot wait for the fourth of July weekend! Fun times ahead.


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wearing: skirt- vintage
top & bag c/o Lulu's
shoes c/o Fancy French Cologne

EVENT | Iris van Herpen in Central Museum, Utrecht



The exposition about the work of Iris van Herpen and her inspirations opens today at Central Museum in my hometown Utrecht; 'The new craftsmanship'. Yesterday night I got a chance to join the press opening, talk to Iris and take a few snapshots of the collection. The idea of the exposition is to put the sources of inspiration that Iris gets from art next to the final finished designs.

A curious thing was that all of her inspirations coincidentally happened to be in the main collection of the Central Museum. Therefor it didn't feel like an authentic set up, but rather like an exposition to show how great the museum's newly purchased pieces from Iris van Herpen fit in their collection.

Also it was interesting to hear that in the speech of the curators, they didn't refer to her work as art but explicitly named it fashion. While the fashionworld likes to put the art-tag on her designs. However, the exposition was mainly focussed on fashion. The old artworks from the museum served a decorative purpose, nothing more than a nice background setting for her designs. Like for example the leather gold shoes were presented on a shiny pillar with a seventeenth century Dutch heritage gold printed leather wallpapewith hanging behind them.

Nonetheless it is always a joy to see the craftmanship, detailing and great dedication Iris van Herpen puts in her designs from up close. If you happen to be in Utrecht before October 29, save some time to pay a visit to the Central Museum.

Hanging with the New Neighbors!!


So the other day I had the best time hanging out with my "IRL" friend, Brittany, who I coincidentally met through blogging!!  She's really so sweet and awesome!  And that goes for her amazing husband Patrick too.  They're just great people:)  Ever since they moved right down the street from Zach and I, it has made hanging out a lot easier. 


For our lunch date we went to the cutest little vegan restaurant called Path and just chit chatted about our life, moving, and of course how delicious the food was.  And we also discussed our new little additions to our families:)  She got the most adorable kitten Lorelie and of course I have Archie. And if you want to know more about Brittany check out her new blog All This Weird Beauty


And since we both enjoy style blogs we made sure to document our outfits!  I had a lot of fun trespassing into someone's backyard to do these pics.  To be fair, the fence was kind of busted so it was open to the sidewalk but still, I felt a little rebellious;)  hehehe..I'm so lame. 

On Me:
Red Gingham Blouse, Thrifted
Shorts, Kmart
Report Sandals, Ross
Vintage Handbag, Hummingbird Girls

On Brittany:
I'm not sure but she sure looks amazing!!  I really love her gold shoes!!

Needs a clutch bag

I am in desperate need of a clutch bag! Here are some ideas of what I would love to have !!! *loves*

I actually adore these following 2 clutch bags the most. GAAH!

Pictures are via tumblr. I do not own any of these images.
If you wish to remove or to be credited for this image(s) please let me know. :)

Ps, had my haircut yesterday. ehhehe Love it, imagine Emily Browning's short hair ;) ehehehhe. Shall have pictures soon!
Till next time xxxx

SHOES | A Broken Heal by Josefina Larsson




A broken heel? A healed heel? Either way an amazing shoe inspired by something ordinary and turned into a surprising design.

'The Broken Heal shoes are inspired by just that; shoes with 'broken' heels you often see office ladies wear without knowing, where the heel sort of bounces back as they walk' so explaines Josefina Larsson, who graduated from Central Saint Martin's last year with a collection that included these heels.

Josefina is opening a webshop this September where her collections will be sold. The broken heals might be available there, but not for certain as they are limited edition and could run out before the webshop is launched. Until then, orders can be placed directly with Josephina via

The Smell of a Good Rainstorm


Hello ya'll!!  I'm sitting in my living room watching the peaceful thunderstorm right outside my window and all I can think about is just how wonderful summer really is.  I always love watching, smelling and experiencing a good rainstorm.  It's even better when it's not lightening and you can run outside and play in it:)  What I wouldn't give to experience my childhood again and really soak in the summer the way I used to.  You know, like when we actually relaxed and acted carefree? 


This summer I went ahead and made a bit of a goal list (which is not carefree) and sent it to Zach as a bit of a reminder to not let our summer go to waste.  I am positively stoked to get as much done as possible!!  Here's what I got so far!!

1.  Picnic in a park
2.  Working in a community garden 
3.  Baseball games
4.  Watching fireworks
5.  Baking Strawberry Rhubarb Pie already did that one!!
6.  Taking a hike/drive around the Blue Ridge Mountains
7.  Making booze popsicles 


And about my outfit.  I really just wanted to throw on something easy, since it was one of those days where I was too exhausted to really think things through.  I went with navy and olive as my color choices and then threw on some brown canvas platforms that I've been dying to wear. 

Blouse & Skirt, Thrifted
Platforms, TJ Maxx
Vintage Belt & Sunnies, Thrifted
Bracelet, Flourish etsy

Dressing for Comfort

I seriously felt like I was floating when I wore this outfit on Friday. After a long day of work, the only thing I was thinking of was comfort. So naturally I threw on my most flowy skirt and called it a night. I love fuss-free outfits like this! Kim was nice enough to snap these photos of me on this old Philly street before we headed off to an art gallery opening. Such a fun night!

Well I hope you all are having a fantastic start to your week and hope you are savoring the last few days on June!


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wearing: skirt c/o Poetrie
top- f21
bag c/o Lulu's
shoes c/o wanted

ACCESSORIES | Round Sunglasses

vintage sunglasses, limecrime lipstick

In case you have absolutely nothing better to do than to read why it is a big enough deal for me to make a post about wearing sunglasses then keep on reading.

Starting a post by talking about how the Dutch weather behaves might get a little tiring but the reality is that the weather over here dictates what we wear. Today was the first sunny day in June and if I have to believe the weather forecast, probably also the last. That's why I thought I'd take a snapshot of this joyous moment on which my favorite sunglasses finally got out of their drawer for a day.

Jonathan Saunders SS 2011 RTW

Jonathan Saunders SS 2011 RTW. Need I say more?

Am in love.

Pictures via Nymag

Till next time xxx

Saturday Stroll

Oh boy had this been one busy weekend! I have thought it over and I think this quite possibly could be my favorite weekend that I have spent in Philly so far. On Friday night I met up with a group on friends on South Street for drinks on the rooftop patio overlooking the busy street. The night took us to a few other bars including one that had complimentary dum dums. We even saw a man walking around with his pet sugar glider on his shoulder which I have to say was the cutest thing ever! The night was complete when I finally got to try Lorenzo's pizza. Yum Yum! Saturday was another lovely day spent at the quirkiest pool you could ever imagine in South Philly, strolling the cobble stone roads of Old City (as pictured above), eating old fashioned ice cream, and watching fireworks from my apartment window.

About the outfit: after a long day at the pool I threw on this comfy outfit and spent the rest of the evening in it. This flowy top is just perfect for summer, and these new flats are totally ideal for adventuring around the city in! Plus the tan color fits in perfectly with my pastel colored summer wardrobe.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well! Enjoy these beautiful summer days while they last.


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wearing: top c/o Romwe
shorts- vintage
bag c/o VJ-style
Chelsea Crew flats c/o Fancy French Cologne
hat- Urban Outfitters