VIDEO | Land Dress



music : Phantogram - You are the ocean

My friend Linda Erkens, founder and head designer of the label Land gifted me this fantastic dress. Being the perfectionist that she is, she wanted to take in a cm here and there. On the footage that was taped almost a month ago we were having a conversation about fits. I said that as a consumer I would have bought this dress anyway, you go into a store, you find your size, it fits more or less and you buy it. But she as the designer sees that half a cm could be taken in here and there. My thought would just be 'Yes! they still have my size!' Linda's partner at Land Guido Rijkse then added that that is the essence of a good designer; the garment should be so well designed that is always fits.

And at Land it does.

Soon the Land online shop will open its digital doors. It will be a place where you will find more garments like these which are all about fit and basic constructions and are not bounded to time.