last year

This is video of the photo shoot we did with Belletette a few months ago.

by Belletette (thanks! :))))

Viva Comet 2011

Zdjęcia z czwartkowych nagród Viva Comet 2011. Specjalne podziękowania dla Mariny, Karoliny, Julii i Michała za fajny wieczór :))) Więcej zdjęć na moim Facebooku :)

Some pictures from Viva Comet 2011 Awards from last Thursday. More on my Facebook :)

pics by me (& first pic by Michał Wilczewski)

(wearing Arynk dress from Nasty Gal, Henry Holland tights from Lingerie Please, Lita shoes from Solestruck)

I jeszcze krótki filmik zrobiony przez Julkę. Ktoś tu chyba jest uzależniony od Facebooka...;)

And short movie from backstage:)

What I love about CNY

So, like I've said in the previous post, CNY is ending soon. Thursday would be the last day, 15th day of the CNY. I thought i blog a little about what I love about CNY.

Here's a little list of what I love about celebrating Chinese New Year

1. I love the season sales(okei, this is PRE-CNY but :P XD)

2. Family Reunion Dinner on the Eve of CNY.
A Chinese tradition where everyone in the family comes back to their parent's house or the eldest sibling's house(and for a married woman, it would be their husband's side of the family's house) and we all have dinner together and spend the rest of the night catching up/playing cards(some gamble XD)/drink etc etc. Spending a very fun time with the family.

3. The redness of everything and everyone. XD
See, red symbolizes success,happiness,wealth etc. Hence everyone wears red on the first day and what not. Black is a big no go but the rest of the colours are okei XD.(I guess? XD)

Paper fish cut-out of red packets hung everywhere just for deco :)

We even did mini lanterns etc etc EHEH.

4. Visiting long lost relatives. XD
Well, during new year everyone tries their very best to visit all their relatives, especially elders. I love visiting my grand uncles+aunties, they would always tell stories date back to the time of 30s/40s XD

Fireworks lighting up the sky constantly and the sound of man made thunder in the air. Red fire crackers everywhere...

This shot 45 fireworks at a time, but like I've said I got very la..zy during this CNY so I didnt take any firework pics, instead I enjoyed it without looking through my lens EHEH. sorry?


6. Hanging out with friends like never before. XD
We always hang out but yeaah, during the festive season curfews get lifted(:P)and we get to hang out with friends who are oceans apart. XD Is most probably one of the times where everyone is on break at the same time :)

7. The stress-free life.(Well for about a week;). We get a week break from school/uni/college specially for Chinese New Year, HOW AWESOME!!

8. Amazing Food! We are allowed to uh stuff ourselves stupid with amazing food and CNY cookies and gain a few pounds :P XD.
One of the yummylicious food.

Yee Sang, only eaten on the 7th day of the new year BUT I have already eaten Yee Sang for this year's new year about more than 3 times? XDXD.
Yee Sang is usually only eaten during CNY. Having this dish means abundance so abundance in health,wealth etc etc..? XD

AND! lastly 

9. Receiving Ang Pau!(Red Packets)
Married couples (regardless if whether you just got married a day before Chinese new year :P or an old married couple)YOU HAVE TO GIVE RED PACKETS to unmarried people. XD Inside of the red packet contains moneeeeey(amount depends on the generosity of the giver) MUAAHAHHA. moneh =_= XDXD
Wiki's take on the red packet :- The red color of the envelope symbolizes good luck and is supposed to ward off evil spirits.
(ps, while I was blogging about this, I realized that I have no pictures of ang paus, so I immediately took some of it out and snap snap snap =_= XD)

I hope you lovely readers enjoy this. I had a fun time writing this, remembering back my CNY*sooo emo right??=_= XDXD*
This is what my Chinese New Year is usually like.
Need I say more? XD

Pictures taken by yours truly. All Rights Reserved
Till next time xxxxx

Bird Poo after Midnight.

So, was out just now and a bird poop on my hair. =_=.

Ps, CNY is gonna be over soon. Today is officially the 13th day of CNY. I don't really want it to be over. When the festive season is gone, the exam stress returns. GAH. arh well. Haven't been able to concentrate in class lately, too annoyed at the humid weather and too emo to concentrate. =_= Feels like I'm left behind in almost all the subjects. :S
Wish I could runaway from all these stresses.

Let's runaway together!

Or fly away to never neverland.

Or be caught up in a wonderland like Alice.

or swim in the sea of Sipadan Island, Borneo.

I miss the beach. I miss the salty air. I miss the feeling of sand. I miss the freedom and non-stressed life before sixth form. I miss the Islands I visited. I missed my chance of going on a school trip to an Island.

Kinda depressing post. XD My apologies.

Pictures via Fashiongonerogue+ random google searches. xx

Till next time :) xx

tomorrow night we'll go anywhere

Pierwsza myśl jak zobaczyłam tą bluze: Alexander Wang. Druga: muszę ją mieć. Zapomniałam nawet o takiej drobnostce, jak to, że nie będe jej mogła wrzucić do pralki ze względu na zamszową baze. Ale to nieważne, tak mi się podoba, że przeżyje dla niej wszystko. No i białe lenonki, bardzo oldschool'owe, troche kosmiczne, ale nadające looku. O Litach mogę powiedzieć z ręką na sercu, że to najwygodniejsze buty na obcasie jakie mam, pół dnia poruszania sie w nich po mieście to nic wielkiego, a tym bardziej niebezpiecznego. Jesli wahacie sie nad ich zakupem, jak najbardziej polecam:)

ENGLISH: My first thought when I saw this sweatshirt was: Alexander Wang. Second: I must have it. I even forgot that you can't wash suede in the washing machine. But never mind, I do like it! I'm also wearing white glasses - they give that oldschool touch. As to the Lita's - the most comfortable heels I ever have. Can wear them for several hours. If you're thinking of buying them - don't hesitate.

(wearing H&M Trend crop sweatshirt, H&M Divided glasses & skinny jeans, Lita Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Nasty Gal leopard bag & vintage belt)

Nude Makeup

Nude makeup is widely seen on the runway for SS RTW collections

Erdem RTW SS 2011

Christopher Kane RTW SS 2011

Chloe RTW SS 2011

Bottega Veneta RTW SS 2011
There's slightly more colour to this, but it's still nude.
I love how radiant and fresh the models look. <3 Gorgeous
I always love makeup like these, natural.

Pictures via Vogue

Till next time xxx


Nails painted with pink and black spots

Hey! How is everyone? :) I've had a really fun-filled and awesome week that was spent with family and friends. It was Chinese New Year on Thursday. Sad to say, this year I got LA...ZY... and didn't take much pictures. Did not take pictures of the outfits I wore too. :( XD

So, even waaay before CNY started, I had already began partying =_= HAHA.(not really, but I had been out and busy hence the very lack of post..)
Here is what I've been busy with....



Posed during a...

Futsal game

Got myself new rings.

and... MORE FOOOOODDDDD.(on nom nom nom nom XD)

All these pictures proves ONE THING.

I am a terrible blogger. SORRRRRRYYYY ehhe <3

Till next time xxx


hehe, in a rush but just thought I wish everyone a HAPPY, PROSPEROUS AND BLESSED CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! ♥♥♥

Till next time xxx :D