Hunkering Down


Expect a break in posting for a few days.  You know that hurricane that's hovering around the US?  Yeah, it's coming to my home so I'm expecting and anticipating no electricity and possibly no running water this weekend.  I've been through plenty of hurricanes before but this is one I'm kind of frightened about.  It's turned more westward towards my coast and seeing as I live in a historic building in the basin of the city I may or may not have to evacuate.  I'm not trying to get all dramatic, but you never know.  Living in southern coastal Virginia can have its ups and downs in the weather department.  And you know what?  It's been quite some time since we got hit bad with a hurricane, so it's seems like we're due for one.  Isn't that messed up logic?  So wish me luck!! 


Aside from hurricane reports and whatnot I'm trying to get the most outside time I can by taking the dogs for longs walks and enjoying the parks while the tree limbs are still intact.  As you can tell from my outfit, it really was all about dog walking.  I stayed comfy and cool in my uber awesome Selena Gomez shorts (I hope you read my sarcasm there) and striped black and white top.  I love mixing the black and tans together.  It kinda makes me thirsty for a black and tan :)


Gap Top, Thrifted
Shorts, KMart
Black Flats, UO
Jewellery, Antique Stores or Found