Just a really quick post, its 2am and i have to be up at 8am for church tomorrow.

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Blessed MERRY MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
Pray that God blesses each and everyone of you and your family <3 :D
Hope that you enjoy the food and the company of your love ones during this festive season :D

Till next time xxxx


So, went to my aunt's house and we helped her set up her Christmas tree :). In the process of setting the tree up, we ate loads and loads and loads of chocolate and Christmas biscuits.

Took random shots....

Christmas ornaments are just gorgeous. This year it's white Christmas tree with blue and blue-ish purple ornaments. xd

When we light up the tree..

Pictures taken by yours truly. All Rights Reserved

Hope you like the pictures :)

Till next time :D xxx

In the Month of November

HEEEYYYY. WOW I have been away for ages. Anyway, here's a little update on what had been going on in November HAHAH.

I had an awesome school trip(stated in previous posts)

Went inside a cave and manage to strike a pose :P XD before it got scary =_=

Posed at an old train station in Perak state.

Met up with CarlosKhu and James

I gave my Barbie doll a bridal shoot.(Edited by CarlosKhu)

Who isn't that photogenic compared to her maid of honour.

Even her bride's maid is much more photogenic =_= HAHAH.

I bought a ring(Pic by Theresa)

That's about it I guess :S XD

Till next time xx