Day in New York City

So out of the blue, Ryan and I decided to take a little day trip to New York. Coming from Texas,

this is something I have never been able to say before. The thought of traveling there was

always a huge ordeal, and was never accessible enough. Now that the beautiful city

is only two hours away from me by bus, I am just enchanted by the fact that I am so near

to so much greatness! So we took a trip to the city, not really knowing exactly what we

wanted to do, but ready for anything. We started our trip in Times Square where the bus

dropped us off and gawked at the ginormous sky scrapers and herds of people. We trekked

to Central Park and enjoyed the beauty of the nature and city life fusion (where most of

these pictures were taken). Stopped by the Met for several hours and basked in unbelievable

masterpieces, including a 'night photography' exhibit, which I found particularly neat. Hungry,

we went to the East Village for Indian food where we met up with an old friend now living

in the city. Our adventure then took us to Brooklyn where we saw breath-taking views of the

Manhattan skyline (last few photos here). We took a nice walk up the shore, and then finished

the evening in Williamsburg where we hit up a few neat vintage & book stores. We had some

amazing pizza and Brooklyn Beer, and then sadly had to call it a night at 9:00 to take the bus

back to Philadelphia.

It was a lovely day in the city and as always, left me wanting more. Be back soon, New York!

PS- Don't ask me why, but these snakeskin brogues just really tickled my fancy.


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wearing: top c/o Chicwish shorts- thrifted shoes- Urban Outfitters