Let's take a walk

I can't deny it- I am naturally drawn to granny florals and I really just cannot help it. I have

shorts, chunky sweaters, scarves, bags, galore of various botanical beauties. As long as

I don't wear 'em all at the same time, I think we are okay! I found these vintage

Levi's and I have been completely obsessed. I've worn them everyday for the past week

since I found them. Gotta love a trust pair of worn in denim. Especially when it was already

worn if for you!

In other news, my lovely friend from school is up here visiting me and we have been having

such a wonderful time. Went out dancing last night, and I am going to show her the city

today. Also, I am no longer an intern at Urban Outfitters, but a free-lance stylist there now!

Feels so official :)

Hope you all are having a lovely day!


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wearing: top c/o Calico

shorts- Vintage Levis

shoes c/o Shop Ruche

bag- e-bay