Simply Stated


There's nothing more relaxing than taking a walk with my significant other which includes a date night full of chinese take-out and a movie.  The other night we decided to trek on over to Yummy Wok (i've mentioned them before) for some delicious veggie dumplings and then trekked on home to watch The Hangover for the hundredth time.  It's so nice having these summer evenings to walk to dinner and just enjoy some one of the last bits of day light.  We also goofed around with the camera a bit:)  I didn't anticipate posting these pictures, but I liked my mood in them.  It was also a nice "date night" so I figured I'd post about it anyhow. 


As far as the outfit is concerned, I know it's basic, but sometimes a girl just needs something monochromatic to make life a little easier.  I brightened it up with my pretty red barrettes and my same old Fred Flare purse.  Super easy but still rather stylish (if I do say so myself).  Yeah, there's no lack of modesity coming from me;) hehehe..

(and here's my serious face, where I tell Zach to not give me any lip)


Dress, Ross (ages ago)
Black Flats, UO
Opal Necklace, Parking Lot Find
Sunnies, Forever21
Purse, Fred Flare