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Bloggerswardrobe is a new website that will connect bloggers with brands. Unlike most commercial projects, at bloggerwardrobe the independance of the fashion bloggers is kept sacred.

I think that being independant is the core essence of blogging. Personal opinions that are not influenced by commerce, money or free giveaways. (ever noticed I have no ads on my blog? If I wouldn't buy a product without the ad, I don't show my readers the product) Being honest and independant gives a blogger huge credibility. If those heels hurt like hell, a blogger will say it. Magazines maybe wouldn't if the brand of the heels is an advertiser. But if I say those new Acne pixel boots are comfortable, you know you can trust on that! I would love to become part of Bloggers Wardrobe and approach fashion in a personal and journalistic way.

A few of my favorite blogs, which I've admired and followed (some)for years are also part of Bloggerswardrobe, like Park&Cube, Coco Rosa and Pneumonia White. Read more about them at Bloggerswardrobe.Com.