Dumpter Diving


So I gotta confess a little secret.  I not only thrift my clothes, I also dumpster dive for my clothes.  My friend Tatum and I decided to do a bit of dumpster diving (don't worry it wasn't a dirty dumpster) a few weeks ago and came back with some good treasures.  One of the treasures was a bag of clothes and shoes:)  We rummaged through and found out that the dumping person had her sized feet and my size tops.  So I took the obviously never worn American Apparel tank and she took everything else.  In her defense, she just got back from a very long trip to South America and had sold and/or given away everything.  I have no defense.  I needed a new top like another hole in the head. 


Now, I'll be completely honest again, and let you all know I would never ever ever buy anything brand new from AA.  They may toot their own horn for American made clothes and fair wages and what not, but their ads sort of disgust me, as does the CEO.  If they had a different sort of campaign that didn't glamourize barely legal soft core porn, than maybe I'd feel differently and buy their products since they are the best damn t-shirts I've ever felt, but until then I won't shop there.  Dumpster dive yes, shop there no. 


Tank, Dumpster Dive ;)
H&M Jeans, Thrifted --you can still buy them at H&M!!
Crown Vintage Shoes, Thrifted
Bracelets, Vintage and Micellaneous
Necklace, Secret Past Vintage in Ohio