An Extension


When I find that certain dress that makes my heart pitter patter and race just a smidge, than I know I've found something that will make me happy every time I wear it.  Its funny how clothing can do that for someone.   I hope that doesn't mean I'm shallow, but I like to view clothing as an extension of who I am.  I'm a lover of vintage, old timiness and also good quality garments that were made to last.  This dress is what does it for me.


I wore it a tad differently than last time by incorporating a pretty orange sash and black accessories.  I loved all these bright colors together tied in with black.  I also wanted to wear my pretty black necklace that I found at a consignment store a couple of years ago.  This necklace really intrigued me as I wasn't sure what the heck it was made of.  The cashier couldn't tell me what it was made of either, so I went ahead and bit the bullet and paid the $20 for it.  Come to find out the owner of shop ran into me and was so excited I was wearing this necklace from her shop.  Then she told me it was coral!  What?!!!  Oh Jesus.  I can't wear coral!  But I mean, I already bought it so there's no use in just letting it go to waste. 


Vintage Dress, Thrifted
Vintage Sash, Thrifted
Vintage Wedges, Thrifted
Coral Necklace, Consignment Shop
Hat, Thrifted
Ring, Etsy