cocorosa t-shirt @ Zara

I'm on a t-shirt in the Zara! 

I actually don't know what to write but for me it was pretty amazing to see my own snout hanging in the Zara, I think maybe people expect me to act kind of "cool" and "unaffected" about it?

But the truth is that I grew up in a very small city in a very small country and when growing up in the middle of nowhere a lot of things seem impossible especially if you are not drop dead beautiful or drop dead smart but just normal? like getting a job in New York or getting interviewed for magazines and especially appear on a t-shirt in the Zara! 

When I saw myself in the Zara I imagined myself being 17 again, I would not have believed it! I think what I want to say is that often when I was 17 I could only dream about things and felt discouraged because all these dreams deemed impossible because of where I lived and because who I was. I just want to say that I was wrong.. If I can be on a t-shirt coming from the middle of nowhere everyone can be! I think your dreams, whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever they are can come true! Never feel discouraged! xoxo

Thank you Zara and Happy Punt!!