Scarlet Red

It's Chinese New Year soon! XD I don't know why but this year I'm kinda in the mood of wearing a scarlet red dress on the first day. I WANT one of these :( XD

Alexis Mabille Haute Couture SS 2011

Elie Saab Haute Couture SS 2011

Lanvin SS RTW 2011

Zac Posen SS RTW 2011

Alexandre Herchcovitch SS RTW 2011

A La Russe SS RTW 2011

Okei, maybe those long flowy ones are NOT THAAT suitable but meeeh they're gorgeous!! <3.
Meh, legs are still in pain :( =_= xd

Pictures from Vogue

Till next time xxxx

My legs are killing me

Hey! sorry for the long pause, life has been really hectic lately. As you all know, Chinese New Year is just around the corner!! Worst thing is I haven't bought myself anything for it. It's this tradition where you have to wear new clothes on the first day of new year. FIRST DAY.... I did buy dresses, they are new, technically they could be worn on the first day but I want something nicer =_= XD. I'll just keep them for the 2nd day of CNY..3rd day etc etc =_= XD
I saw this really cute RED chiffon top on the internet, immediatly asked for it, but it was sold :( MEEEEHHHHHH. NEED TO GO SHOPPING. HE HE HE

Besides that, my legs are soooo killing me today. Am supposed to be out paintballing with friends and have a game of futsal(football with smaller field and it's indoors) but since I am limping and could barely walk.. :(

Reason being that my legs are sore, I had a marathon race in school yesterday.... I actually got a medal for it!! HAHAHAH .. =_= It wasn't anything good XD It was just 5th placing but!(this will sound SOOO LAMMEEE but.. It's my FIRST TIME getting a medal in running!! :O )

I'm stoked about it since I had no proper training or preparation for the run, went to school and just ran. Heck! I didn't even knew the race route XD.
Plus, before the race started, I was still coughing and wheezing(sssh, my parents don't know, they'd kill me if they found out HAHA..well most probably they know now HAHAHA =_=)
So under all that circumstances, I am pretty proud of myself for still being able to get 5th place. HAHAH
My legs are in terrible pain now tho. PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN. I can barely walk.

Please ask them to wake up =_= XD

am off, need to go massage them legs. XD

Till next time xx

Craving for Liquorice All Sorts

I am craving for these!! OMG I just can't seem to find them here and it's driving me crazy :( Cause I LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat liquorice all sorts.
Since I won't be able to have them anytime soon, I shall just drool over the pictures =_=. XD

Then... I found these!! I'd put them on ANYTIME :O xd



The Terrier and Lobster

I want liquorice :(
Till next time xxx

Info Update on War Museum Penang

Remember back in Nov of 2010 I talked about visiting the war museum in Penang Island?
Well, guess what?! Last week(or so), it was on tv under the history channel. It was a program hosted by Anthony Morse.

If you've read the post, I talked about climbing up some old ex-war ladder from underground yeah? and how I said I forgot how high it was? Well, It was 9 metres in height! WHOA. YAY ME =_= XD
And I was right, the underground tunnel could fit up to 200 soldiers at a time :D

I found Anthony Morse's behind the scene video of the War Museum :D

Ps, in this video, the ammunition hoist that he was talking about is in the underground room i went into, and if you notice the staircase in the video.. it is the staircase that leads us into the crawling tunnel and up the rusted ladder. HAHA!!
(Yes!! I was superbly hyper throughout the whole episode just cause I was there.. my mum was watching it too and I was like, SEEE MUM I TOLD YOU IT WAS SCARY!!=_= HAHA. Cause she thought i was exaggerating about the crawling tunnel and underground tunnel and all. XD)

Ps, the 30 metres deep ladder he talked about was not allowed for tourist but I did take a picture of it.

In the last part of the episode, he went to Bujang Valley, Kedah... I WAS THERE TOO!! AHAHHA You can definitely say i was one hyper kid that night =_= XD. I was overly excited because I was there there there =_= EHHE. You may call me lame. XD

Links to the posts on Bujang Valley(yeap! there was 2 posts on Archeology visits itself AHHA)
Archeology Visits
Arcehology Museum

Link to the post of the Museum
My journey continues - War Museum!

Till next time xxx

Dim Sum & a Birthday

Well, I am about a week late but yaaah, Happy Birthday Rach!


Had dim sum lunch last weekend with the people that mean the world to me and also celebrated Rach's birthday :D We had one crazy afternoon. Took loads of random pictures and at the end of the day when I uploaded the pictures, I was in utter shock! We took 542 pictures in JUST ONE AFTERNOON!! HAHA. Crazy kids...=_=

Anyway, here's some pictures of what we wore that afternoon. EHEH. Hope you guys like it :D


Want her heels, her bag,everything =_= XD(Mia, if you're reading this.. PLEEASSEE?? HAHAHAHAHAHAH :P)

Our rings. Rose ring belongs to Mia.


I love the purple dress on her, she looks really gorgeous :D

Birthday Girl

Poser =_= XD.

The gorgeous necklace she had on <3


Wish this was in focus, it would have looked great( HAHAH)

As for moi,I wore a dress but tucked it in and made it into a top <3 EHHEH.
Ps, this picture of me is soooo unprepared! :O =_=

Till next time xxx

Happy 1st Birthday

WOW! This is just amazingly fast! It's my blog's 1st birthday today!! WOOOOOWWW

Happy Birthday BANMS <3 Here's to 2011

Well, thankiu so so so so much to all the you lovely readers!! If it wasn't for your sweet kind comments and loyalty BANMS would most probably not see it's 1st birthday :D
So, here's a toast to everyone of you :D

Thanks for taking the time to read my random ramblings XD. You guys are SUPERBLY AWESOME :D

Till next time xxx

I Love my rubber ducks

I am pretty sure i haven't tell you lovies that I am kind of obsessed with rubber ducks XD Well, so far I have only 2. 2 very precious ones because both were gifts <3
One was a gift for Christmas present back in 2009 and another was a teased gift on my 18th Birthday. I love rubber duckies! I find them superbly adorable HAHA.
Weeeellllllll.... NOT TOO LONG AGO. They finally had a day out. I hope it was fun for them(XD) My cousins sort of kidnapped them without my knowledge and when we arrived at the pool, my cousins threw them into the pool "for a swim" HAHA.

Here are the pictures from my rubber duckies day out XD
ENJOY =_= xd

My beloved cousin decided that it should have a try at the kid's pool's slide =_= XD

Me trying to save them HAHAH =_=

Sun tanning. Was a pretty gray day that day tho. =_= AHHA

eheh. Something light to brighten up the crazy hectic school-studying mood xd
Hope you lovies enjoyed this post :D

Pictures taken by yours truly. All Rights Reserved

Till next time xxx

Little Update- Temperley London

XD Like what the blog post tittle says. Just a little update :)
I realised something today. 24 hours is NOT ENOUGH FOR ME Xd. =_= Am I the only one having this thought? xd

Anyway, the other day I saw these dresses on net-a-porter and just want them all!!! They are just so gorgeous <3
They are all by Temperley London. Fabulous!

Which do you like best? ehhe


Dress Pictures from net-a-porter.

Till next time xx

Cause baby you're a firework!

HEHEH. I am addicted to Katy Perry's firework. The chorus is catchy! =_=

Soooooooo I thought i share with you guys pictures of the fireworks I took on early Christmas Morning(12am+)

It was like a firework show, people kept setting off fireworks competing against each other. So, I had FREE fireworks show =_= XDXD I took quite a number of shots but these are my pride and joy from the crazy amount of firework shots =_=

I love this and the first pic the most. =_=
I still can't believe i actually shot these pictures XD. I mean I know It's not like superbly amazingly epic but taken by me? I think they're pretty good. AHAHAH

A week of school has past.SO QUICK. 10 more months :/ *emos*
XD I shall leave now before i go all emo here XDXDXD

Pictures taken by yours truly. All Rights Reserved

Till next time xxxx

The dress that I wore..

Hello!! Hows the year 2011 been for you so far? :)

Well school reopened on the 3rd of January(so no more partying and hanging out all day long :()
This year I am in my last year of sixth form. I am in upper sixth now :O =_= xd Will be sitting for a very very important public exam in about uuuh 10 months time? :P xd Well yeah guess this year would definitely be an even more hectic year for me :/. I shall not fret because in 11 months time, I AM FREE <3 XD

Anyways, I just wanted to show you lovies what I wore for the New Year's Eve dinner party that i attended. I am truly in love with the dress. It's original price was actually RM 79.70 buuut since i bought it during the year end sale it was sold at half price!! <3 *lovees* XDXD
Ps I totally forgot to take some posy pictures of me wearing the dress so likeeeeee here are some pictures with friends.

A toast to everyone let's make this year 2011 a rocking and fabulous one! :D xd

Pictures taken by yours truly. All Rights Reserved

Like the dress?? :D xd

Till next time xxx