VIDEO | DIY Backseem Tights

music: The chemical brothers - Where do I begin

What you´ll need:
a pair of nude sheer tights (or whichever color you like)
a pair of black opaque tights
a fabric marker or permanent marker

Laying them down or stretching them out won't work.
To be able to draw on your pantyhose the easiest thing is to do it while wearing them! Wear a pair of opaque black tights underneath so that you won't be sketching on your legs. I used a fabric marker that I found at a toystore for a few Euros but a regular permanent marker works just as good.

Other drawings
Possibilities with this DIY are endless, with it you can draw anything on your pantyhopse. I still get questions about a post I did one and a half year ago about a pair of nude tights on which I had not only drawn a backseem but also a front seem and some knee pieces. Finally, the tutorial is here!


pics by Tomek

(wearing Top Shop jacket, American Apparel crop top, Zara jeans shirt and shorts, The Scarlet Room bag, H&M boots, La Dama necklace)

Dwie nowe rzeczy w mojej szafie: materiałowa torba z trójkątem z The Scarlet Room i pikowana kurtka z Top Shopu, która jest moim ostatnim zakupem numer jeden. Prosta, klasyczna, pasuje do wszystkiego. Kupiłam ja z myślą o jesieni, ale zważywszy na to jakie mamy lato w tym roku, noszę ją codziennie.
Ps. Właśnie kończę pakować walizkę i jutro przeprowadzam się na jakiś czas do Londynu:)

ENGLISH: New things in my wardrobe: triangle bag from The Scarlet Room and quilted jacket from Top Shop which is my best recent purchase. It is simple, classy, a little bit feminine, but not too much. I feel realy great wearing it. Ps. I have my suitcase packed because tommorow I'm moving to London where I'm going to live for a few months. See you there :)

Jeszcze video, które jest zapowedzią sesji zdjęciowej trzech blogerek: Julii, Jess i mnie dla Hector&Karger. Zdjęcia robiliśmy w Poznaniu w ostatnią środę. Wielkie dzięki dla całej przemiłej ekipy:)

Behind the scenes of recent photo shoot three bloggers: Julia, Jess and me for polish fashion designers Hector&Karger. Stay tuned for more :)


Meet my new favorite dress! I chose this white wall as the backdrop for these outfit
photos because I wanted this dress to be in the spotlight! I love the pops of color
and the vintage-inspired silhouette. There are tiny little pleats at the waist, and it
flows and blows with even the slightest breeze. Very fittingly it is called the 'carnival'
dress. Dylana pretty much guessed it without even knowing, and said it looks like
I should be holding some cotton candy! I am also in love with this necklace as well,
because it reminds me of the necklace Mia Farrow had in Rosemary's Baby. Freaky
movie, but really cool fashion. I have had a few necklaces like this before but they
have all broke. I have a feeling this one will last.

Ryan arrives later today and I absolutely cannot wait! Hopefully I can trick him
into surprise appearing on this blog again! Have a lovely weekend, lovelies.


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wearing: 'Carnival' dress c/o ThreadCase 'Curiosity Catcher' Necklace c/o ModCloth Shoes- Steve Madden bag c/o VJ-style

Worthwhile Summers


This summer is just flying by like crazy!!!  I love it!!  But I wish I could make it slow down just a bit more.  Every weekend it seems like I'm trying to shove as much summer time fun into my day as possible, but its so hard!! Real life will catch with me over the weekend and I'll end up just sitting around twiddling my thumbs.  This weekend is a little more exciting than all that, but not much.  As soon as the weather cools down a little more I still plan on walking up a light house, going back to the beach and seeing a baseball game.  


The best part about summer though is wearing all these light colored clothes I've been saving up.  This skirt was in my mend pile for three whole months and just last week I decided to get cracking on my mend pile of summer clothes.  Now it's my favorite skirt!  It's super light weight and the fabric is perfect.  And since its a pretty cream color, it goes with everything in my wardrobe.  I still have a bunch more stuff to get mended though, so I know what I'll be doing over my weekend.  More sewing!!  It's a good thing I enjoy doing it. 


Denim Shirt, Ross
Vintage Skirt, Thrifted
Michael Kors Platforms, DSW

SHOES | Acne Pixel Boots Welcome Home!


bar stool IKEA, boots ss11 ACNE

Found one pair left at the Acne sale, just in my size and color!
Welcome home darlings!

Some time ago...

pictures by Karolina Słota

Kilka miesięcy temu razem z Kate i Julią miałyśmy okazję wziąć udział w akcji organizowanej przez KIA. Spędziłyśmy jeden dzień w Warszawie robiąc zakupy i przemieszczając się po mieście nowym samochodem KIA Sportage. Zrealizowanie bonów na ubrania w czterech sklepach w ciągu kilku godzin wcale nie było prostym zadaniem, z czego nigdy wcześniej nie zdawałam sobie sprawy;) Bardzo dziękuje dziewczynom za miło spędzony czas, sklepom River Island, Aldo, E-Sprit i New Look za bony na ubrania i firmie KIA za zorganizowanie całej akcji:)

ENGLISH: A few months ago I spent a lovely day in Warsaw with Julia and Kate shopping, talking, laughing and doing other fun stuff. Everything was organised and sponsored by KIA. Thank you!

OUTFITS | Tuxedo Cape

tuxedo cape: the scarletroom, shorts: american apparel, flatforms: Nelly

It looks like you´ve just thrown a jacket over your shoulders, but this is a tuxedo cape from The Scarletroom. (An amazingly styled online boutique) The lovely ladies in charge sent me a few items of without any pressure to blog about them. The garment I´ve been wearing the most is this tuxedo cape, perfect for colder summer days.

Oh, What a Lark!!!


Today was a lark!!  Does anyone still say that?  If not, I'm sure I can bring it back.  Anyways, Wednesdays have turned into Totally Thriftastic!!!  I always have fun hunting for cute vintage that I can turn into something cool.  This particular excursion was very fruitful in the shoes department though.  Two pairs of never worn heels and one of those pairs were Crown Vintage.  They are absolutely the cutest things ever and for only $2 it couldn't be beat.


And here I am wearing a dress that usually befuddles me.  I like it a lot, but it just doesn't seem to lend itself well to accessories.  When I try to wear more with it, it just starts to feel cluttered.  So I kept it simple with some burgundy platform pumps and some jewelry.  Does anyone have any tips on how they would style this dress?


Dress, Tulle
Michael Kors Pumps, DSW
Sunnies, Vintage

Sunny Afternoon

Sometimes an outfit just makes you want to twirl. I wore this ensemble on a lazy sunday just
hanging out in the park with my friends. I invested in the perfect picnic blanket, so I now
find myself heading to the park any free chance I get. Of course another heat wave is going
to hit this weekend, so I better enjoy my park days while I can. In other news, the boyfriend is
coming to Philly this Saturday and I couldn't be more thrilled
I will be sure to take lots of photos of our adventures.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!


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wearing: top c/o Chicwish
shorts- Vintage
hat & sandals- Urban Outfitters

VIDEO | Phillip Lim: Menswear fw 11

The men are walking towards something, it seems that perhaps they are going to meet eachother and so suggests the anticipation building music. After they walk through a concrete landscape of perfect lines, shadows geometrical shapes their paths finally cross accompanied by a delicate piano tone. That was it. An unexpected anti-climax-climax that delivers me goosebumps every time I watch this.

This being said, I must now share the vulgar materialistic feelings that this video also evoked; I need that mono grey ensemble + shoes and bags.

Phillip Lim: Weavers
The Designer Shares A New Menswear Film

A portrait of the urban man on the move, today's film Weavers, was conceived by the designer as a follow-up to his fall 3.1 Phillip Lim menswear show. “It’s just three strangers going about their day,” he says. “They cross paths, and feel a kindred spirit because of the way they dress.” The short was shot in Palm Springs by San Francisco-based photographer and filmmaker Andrew Paynter, and its title is a nod both to the artisanal tapestry and rug-making techniques Lim drew upon for his collection, as well as the elusive nature of the models pictured threading in and out of shadows. “We’re always trying to get a mental picture of the man we’re designing for,” he says. “But he’s a little bit of a mystery; we only get glances. This film is our attempt to capture that experience of seeing someone in snatches.” We asked New York-based Lim to demystify his urban summer essentials.
Video and words from

Self Reflections


I've found myself complaining too much about the weather and the heat.  Couldn't there be something worse than the hot weather for me to worry about?  I find it so trivial since the unraveling of the latest current events.  It's making me ponder some of the things that I'm more grateful for, such as life, friends, love, family, and just the little things.  We all take certain things for granted, and its time I start to realize what I do have that I should just be thankful for.  And I should try not to be caught up in cynicism.  I'm very cynical by nature but most people should know to take what I say with a grain of salt. 


Anyways, those were some of my more deeper thoughts from the day.  My other thoughts of the day included how the heck do I expect myself to clean out my closet, if I can never get motivated enough to do so.  Or, what should I make for dinner that will only take about 10 minutes? (answer to that one included ordering a pizza) or what seems to be making my dog Starla so sad lately?  She seriously hasn't been the same since she ate that butter.  She's still recovering and its been two weeks now.  She has about another week of antibiotics and then she goes back to her checkup.

Thanks for letting me ramble about stuff that has remotely nothing to do with my outfit.  I just wore what I felt comfortable in for the day and let the clothes speak for themselves, I guess.  But I do want to give a shout out to the maker of the cute antique coin ring, MaieDae.  This ring is a lot of fun, and I love the vintage quality to it.


Dress, Blog Shop
Vintage Hat, Thrifted
Flats, UO
Coin Ring, MaieDae
Fox Ring, Romwe
Plarn Bag, Plarn it All

Little White Dress

I love it how sometimes a dress does not even need any accessorizing
and can completely shine on its own. That is how I feel this particular
dress is. I just love the intricate lace and tiered ruffles! I wore this on
what had seriously felt like the hottest day of my life (the heat index
was 120 degrees), but at least this dress kept me somewhat cool. I
spent the weekend in similar outfits trying to make it around the city. Probably
had one million popsicles and cold drinks to cool me down, but hey, what's
summer without a heatwave anyways?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


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wearing: dress c/o Asian iCandy
bag c/o VJ-Style
necklace c/o Hallelu
shoes- Steve Madden