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Notebooks, Agenda: Bijenkorf

Book: Writing for the fashion business by Kristen K. Swanson and Judith C. Everett

Today was a day of shopping, not for the new fall arrivals but for school supplies. Summer has ended and it is time to get back into those school benches. I study journalism but have aspired to specialize in fashion journalism long before I even started studying. I've been trying to built an archive of fashion magazines and books that will serve me as references. A book that gets picked up so often that I do not even bother to put it back on the shelf is; Writing for the fashion business by Kristen K. Swanson and Judith C. Everett.

For everyone who has ambitions like mine I recommend you to buy this book. Whether you want to work in public relations, become a magazine editor, write critical pieces for newspapers or make scripts for videos. This is a guide full of all the basics that you will need to know. The content of the journalistic chapters is very much like the book we use at school(Basisboek Journalistiek) Basic book for journalistic writing. It provides writing techniques that are tuned to the fashion industry. The PR and marketing chapters provide a good insight on how the opposite side of fashion works. How advertisers work to get brands out there and what their strategies are to manipulate the media.

The book explaines practical things like how to do an interview, how to review a fashion show and even has a few pages on how to avoid sexist writing. It also shows how to write letters if you want to borrow clothes from a brand or get seats at fashionweek. It is an immensly handy book to have on the bookshelf in case you are in doubt about anything during your writing process. The content on these 604 pages is too diverse to give a proper review on. But I can almost assure you that whatever question about fashion and media that pops into your mind right now; Yes the answer is in this book.