Second-Hand Vintage


It seems as though Monday decided to rear its ugly head this morning.  Mondays are just ghastly after a wonderfully carefree weekend.  I basically kept my weekend busy with simple DIYs and some more complex furniture refurbishment.  It's was busy, I spent no money and most importantly it was fun.  I even carved out some time to watch Coco Loves Ice (judge if you will).  So now Monday is here in all its glory and I'll be forced to smile sweetly at banking patrons who insist on saying, "You gotta case of the Mondays?"  I won't slap them, but I'll think about it;)


For the better part of my weekend I decided to wear a pretty vintage dress that my friend Brittany from All This Weird Beauty gave me.  It was given to her from Annie from Friendly Fox Vintage, and then she passed it on to me!  Thank you Brittany!! I really love this dress.  Yet again I'm wearing white this week, but its just the best thing to wear right about now.  We're in the thick humid part of Virginia and a cool loose fitting white dress is just what the doctor ordered.  I paired it with my pretty (new with tags) Crown Vintage shoes and a slender yellow snakeskin belt.   Now I extend a question to anyone who may be vegan or vegetarian what their stance is on wearing animals whether vintage or not.  I was absolutely certain this belt was made with real snake when I purchased it at a thrift store.  It called my name from across the store and I didn't even bat an eyelash at its $10 price tag...At a Thrift Store?  I kinda feel guilty about it but its vintage, right? 


Vintage Dress, from Brittany
Crown Vintage Shoes, Thrifted
Vintage Belt, Thrifted
Jewellery, via Thrift, Heirloom, Lia Sophia