Welcoming Fall


Well, its a dreary cool morning for the third day in a row in southern VA and that can only mean one thing.  Fall is here!!!  I know we'll get a few more scorcher days ahead of us, but for now Mother Nature is giving us the gift of cooler weather:)  So I'll take it!!!


To celebrate to coming of the harvest I donned my most fall appropriate outfit that I owned.  This dress was something that caught my eye first at the ModSwap back in NY and I was tickled to find out that it's original owner was no one else but Jasmine!!!  Hahaha..It was so funny when I showed her what I got and then we were both surprised to find out it was hers.


To make this dress more appropriate for fall weather I actually layered the dress over this pretty vintage blouse that I've been craving to wear all summer.  Too hot summer temps, plus humidity doesn't bode well for polyester fabrics.  Boo!  To top it off I threw on tights for the first time since April and then added my tan shoes and belt.  And now I welcome fall with open arms!!! Yippie!!


Forever21 Dress, ModSwap via Jasmine
Vintage Blouse, Thrifted
Tan Wedges, Modcloth
Vintage Belt, Thrifted