Lazing About In Sheep Meadow


If you're tired of all these NYC posts all over the blogosphere, I am sorry, but I just have to document these moments in my life before I forget them all!!  Hehehe..I have a terrible short/long term memory, just ask Zach.  Anywho, these are outfit shots I did while at Sheep Meadow and Andrea from Blond Bedhead was sweet to offer to take my photos for me. She's a great gal who has an amazing shoe collection!!

day 10

So the dress was a recent purchase I had made from Threadcase and I couldn't have been more thrilled with the quality and the customer service.  They really take the time to make sure your package comes all neat and tidy and even include a hand written note.  I totally had this dress in mind when it came to going to the picnic.  I think everyone else had pastels in mind too, because most of the blogger girls looked like they were ready for an Easter egg hunt. 


And can I just say how clean most of NY was?  Especially the parks.  I couldn't get over how well they are taking care of their city. Maybe the hurricane blew all the trash away before we got there, but it just seemed like it was cleaner than last time.  In addition to cleaner surroundings I also didn't get "new yorked" by a cab driver.  Bonus!! ***

***getting "new yorked" was a term I learned from Mel the first time I visited the city.  Basically its when a cab driver knows you're new to the area and drives you around your elbow to get to your thumb to make you pay more cash.


Dress, Threadcase
Shoes, UO
Vintage Coral Necklace, Consignment Shop