Mother Nature is Confused


Just when I think its fall, it decides to go right back to summer.  I swear, you just never know.  Which is why I haven't officially changed out my wardrobe from summer to fall/winter.  Mother Nature isn't very dependable. 


In order to stay cool on an unusually hot day I decided to wear my newly altered blouse (last seen here).  I posed a question to you guys back in July to find out if I should shorten it or not and decided that I'd give it the chop.  I took off about 5 inches from the bottom and then shortened the sleeves about 1 1/2 inches.  I like the way it came out, but it is odd for me to be baring even a fraction of my tummy.  But I like the look!


To go with the blouse I figured I'd just mix it all up with different garments from different decades.  The blouse is from the 80s, the belt is a vintage Jorache from the 90s and the shoes are from the 70s.  It's all over the place as far as vintage goes, but it seemed cohesive in a way.  I kept the look modern with my bell bottoms which were thrifted H&M jeans and then the floppy faux suede hat. 


Everything is THRIFTED!!!!
Well, except the hat.

Hat, UO