Just be honest with me.

I treat you like a good friend, but apparently you don't. I still can't get over the fact that you would lie to me straight in my face about something so important. To be honest, I already found out LOOONNGGGG BEFORE...I just wanted to hear it from you so I HAAD to ask, I expected you to just be plain honest with me but you didn't instead you lied and gave me such lame excuses that contradicts your actions. I can't bring myself to forgive you nor forget about what you've said and done, maybe not yet. I really hope you prove me wrong. How can you lie to me so easily when you're actions are a 180 degress different to what you said?? Do you actually think I am that stupid to not see whats going on around me? I am not 2 you know, I have eyes, ears of my own. People talk, I am able to see..... You've changed so much, at least not like the person I knew for the past 3 years.