Getting Snappy

lace dress

The other day last week Zach and I took a little walk around our neighborhood and decided to take pictures along the way.  Not just outfit photos, but scenic photos.  I bought Zach this mini Diana camera last year as a bit of a surprise gift and for the first time this summer I finally remembered to take it along for a little trip.  It's such a cool little gadget and it takes really neat photos.  The only downside is, I have to send out the film to be processed since the local camera shop closes too damn early to be of any use to anybody.

white lacey dress
leather loafers

Anyways, it was also fairly hot that day, which is why I'm wearing a summery frock, as opposed to the autumnal ones I've been wearing.  This dress was a second hand gift from one of my best buddies, Brittany.  She thought it was too short on her, so it was gifted to me.  Now I am wondering if this is a tad too short on me since I'm about 2 inches taller than Brittany.  Hmmm...well I think it's okay anyways.  Those darn Forever 21 dresses have a way of being confused as a dress, a tunic, or a top so it's up to us to make the better judgement...or lack there of hehe..

vintage camera bag
mini diana

Oh and lets all have a moment of silence for these pretty brown shoes.  A little monster named Archie took a chuck out my perfect Brazilian leather shoes so now they are no more.  I'm shedding a tear just thinking about it.

vintage loafers

Forever21 Dress, 2nd Hand
Vintage Flats, Thrifted--no more
Vintage Necklace, Flea Market
Vintage Camera Bag, Thrifted