Ello, New York!

These photos were basically taken the second I got off of the train ! So
please excuse me if I look a bit sleepy. Anyways, I found the first photo to be very appropriate
because I was so ecstatic to have just arrived to NYFW!

Basically the whole four days I was there was go,go,go but I really loved it that way. Between running to events and parties, there was seldom moments of rest, aka the reason why I didn't have time to blog and why over the next few weeks my posts will be showered with my adventures in NYC. I hung out with some really amazing bloggers from all over the world that
I have admired for ages, and also some new faces that I can now call my friends! Even partied
with the Facehunter, which was pretty insane! And for all of these adventures I had my dear
friends Dylana, Natalie, and Claire. Seriously you can't go wrong in the city with amazing friends
like them!

Below are a few instas from the trip, but throughout the week I will be posting even more
photos of my adventures. To see more, follow me on Instagrid, or find me on Instagram.
My username is 'Bonniecakes' . Hope you all have a lovely week!


Follow Flashes of Style

wearing: sweater- H&M;
button-up c/o Romwe;
Denim c/o James Jeans;
bag c/o VJ-Style
Brogues- Topshop