Its A Wrap!!!


Sometimes I just want to put on a wrap dress and call it a day.  Today was one of those days I suppose.  I've already worn this dress about four times since I got it 12 days ago and its quickly becoming one of my favorite dresses.  The best part about the dress is the ties are so thin you can easily put a belt around the waist of the dress to give it a little more interest. 


To add more to my ultra easy dress I put on some cute vintage wedges and then put little pigtail buns on my head for some whimsy.  I've been more inspired to actually do my hair lately and I'm kind of liking this!  I  lived in this hairstyle when I was 14 years ago.  I think I was mimicking one of the girls from Sweet Valley High or something when I got obsessed with cutesy hair styles.  Which probably means I'm too old to put my hair like this.  Meh...I don't really care. 


So my plans for Labor Day are funtastic!!  I'll be heading to a baseball game with Zach and my Dad and then later on Zach and I will be going to his mom's place to watch House Hunters since Zach's Uncle Norman will be on the episode!!!  I'm so excited to see someone I know on TV and then see how they edit someone's personality for "reality".  They proclaimed Norman as "opinionated" so lets get see:)

Jacket, Thrifted
Dress, Thrifted
Shoes, Friendly Fox Vintage
Belt, UO