Fly Like a Butterfly


When I saw this light summer butterfly print on this dress I have to admit that my nostalgia took over.  I was obsessed with butterflies in middle school.  And I mean obsessed.  Nobody could tell me that I had too many butterfly clips in my hair, too many butterfly stickers on my notebooks, or too many butterflies hanging in my bedroom.  It was an odd collection but it was what I was into.  Thirteen year old Emily, surely would've gone insane over this dress back in '98.  So I had to buy it. 


The blue accessories were just begging to be with this dress.  I feel like I don't wear this turquoise necklace enough in my life!  And it took me forever to find one I absolutely wanted.  I love the added pop of color it gives an otherwise neutral dress.  


Now its off to some Tuesday fun!!!  Oh boy!!  The day after a three day holiday at a bank is an absolute nightmare!!!  This day can't be over soon enough, and it hasn't even started yet.  

Dress, H&M
Sandals, Ross--last year
Vintage Belt, Thrifted
Turquoise Necklace, Vintage Shop