Booking it To Brooklyn


This past Sunday while in NY, I decided to book it to Brooklyn with Zach and his uncle and take a trip to the Brooklyn Flea and then the Brooklyn Brewery.  My dress was a tad bit too fancy for such an excursion, so I threw on a denim jacket for an instant casual look.  I actually ended up totally in love with this outfit!!  Not to prissy and not too laid back.  The dress is actually something I purchased with a ShopBop gift certificate that  I won through a giveaway and its my first purchase from the Madewell line.  It's silk and soft and I can't wait to see what it will look like with dark tights for winter:)


The trip to Brooklyn was quite an ordeal only because the easiest train to get there ended up being closed for the weekend, so we ended up taking a very long subway which then led to a very long bus ride.  I was groggy from zero caffeine and just about ready to kill someone, then we got dropped at our stop about 15 feet away from a little cafe that served coffee from the sidewalk:)  So coffee in hand I was able to meander the Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg with Zach and his uncle and had a ton of fun playing dress up in the vintage!!  Then we headed to the Brooklyn Brewery and got some yummy beer and enjoyed a very educational tour.  Yup, it was awesome!!  Of course, since we went to the brewery I also had to take a mini trip to Beacon's Closet where I found an awesome vintage Coach tote and striped vintage sweater:) 


Yup!! So that was my busy fun filled Sunday!!! (I miss NY)

Dress, Madewell
Denim Jacket, Gap
Vintage Belt, Thrifted Bag, ModSwap Party
Flats, UO