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The lovely Zoé Hermsen gifted me one of her wonderful handmade bags today. Even the gigantic envelope she packed it in was made by her and had my name on it in her unique handwriting. The handbag is basically a 60 cm long rectangle which looks unusually large yet not oversized. The smart details like the long loose zipper and removable handle make it even more special. I can already see this will become one of those pieces you wear all the time, I will roll it up, fold it like a clutch and stuff it to the top on (school)days when I have more baggage.
You can order one of her bags HERE.


Q&A with
Zoé Hermsen

Can you describe your aesthetic in five words?
Monochromatic. Simplistic. Sleek. Unusual. Craftsmanship.

What is the idea behind your handbags?
They originated out of necessity because I could never find cool bags in stores or online (if I did they were too expensive for me). During the design process I realized how important simplicity is for me, I didn't like too much futilities but was after a strong and unexpected image. Also I think it's important that my products are produced in an honest way. It has been offered to me to produce my bags on a larger scale in China but that didn't seem like a good plan. My parents taught me to be aware of fair trade and I want to stick to those values; keeping my product authentic from beginning to end of the production process, the fact that they are handmade fits within that idea.

What is are the future plans for your brand?
I want to start out with adding 3 more bags to the collections. I want to continue producing bags and accessories for now.