Philly We Loved You!!


These photos are just of Eastern State Penitentiary, but enjoy the adventurous tales of our whole trip to Philly:)

Our time in Philadelphia was too brief, but we managed to have an awesome time...despite the crappy weather.  We arrived Friday afternoon and settled into our hotel for a couple of hours and then skitted off to south Philadelphia to head to a cute vintage shop and then we headed to a bar for drinks.  While there I drunkenly watched Slap Shot for about an hour and just laughed.  Then we went to Franklin Fountain per Veronika's suggestion before meeting up with her and her husband at a cool cantina for more drinks, food and chit-chatting.  It was pouring rain and just crazy trying to drive around there, but in the end it was a great first night in Philadelphia. 


On the day of Riot Fest we had to kill a few hours before the show, so we thought, "why not visit Eastern State Penitentiary?"  I am obsessed with Ghost Hunters and they've visited that place twice before, so it made perfect sense for me to go over there and experience some of (if any) the super natural.  Sadly, the only thing I came away with was a somber empathic feeling.  It was quite depressing, but the building itself was very beautiful (for a prison anyways).  Lots of windows along corridors, a beautiful synagogue and the fortress wall was made of glistening stones.


Our next stop was Riot Fest.  Zach and I actually got reacquainted at a show (nearly 9 years ago) so we have always had a common bond over musical taste.  Each year we try to fit in a few concerts and this year we got lucky and we were able to see about 5 great punk/hardcore bands all at once!!! I'll do a special mixtape post later this week and share some music with you all.


And that's that!  It was a terrific trip which would've been even better if it was longer.