Stylish Blogger Picnic in NYC


Want to know what my favorite part of New York City was?  Uh, how about everything!!  So many people, so much to do, and the vibe of the city is absolutely the best part.  I enjoy noisy streets, lots of people, different kinds of culture and the abundance of restaurants.  I think I was able to hit every part of town throughout the city and had so much fun beating the pavement in my practical flat shoes....much different than the last time I came to the city in heels the whole time...rookie mistake.


These pictures were taken on Saturday at the Blogger Picnic meet up at Sheep Meadow Central Park.  It was so fun to meet bloggers, readers, and then their respected spouses or boyfriends.  It was a nice mix of people and I enjoyed hearing all the reasons why blogging has become a part of our lives.  It's a great way to communicate and connect with people, in my opinion, and when we can all meet in real life it just makes it that more better!!  Plus its just a good feeling to know that you can finally hug a really good friend who you met on the internet. 


In the pictures are Jasmine, Jen, Tieka, Veronika, and me:)  Thanks go to Andrea for taking the group photo and Jasmine for taking the one of Tieka and I.  And thanks go to the ladies who organized the event!  Ashley, Emily, Rebecca, and Erin !!