Back from holiday

Well I am not sure if anyone is still reading my blog since it's super quiet and all now but just like to update a little on my tiny break off from everything and just relax on an island. :D eheh
Was lovely to just spend time with my love ones , the island was great but it was the time spent with love ones that made it amazing :D gaaah. I want to be back there, where the gorgeous beaches are easy to access and the chill out, relaxed lifestyle of the locals are so addictive. XD

Back to exam mode. I have my trials coming up next week, to think I still had the guts to take time off to go off to an Island. =_= XD

Ps, the emo face! HAHAH. I actually kept thinking of studying while I was there, I even brought 2 past year question books to the island, but did not study or look at it for one bit. HAHAHA FAAAIL? XD

Till next time xxxxxxxxxx