Sunday Q&A (and favorite party dresses)

New edition is up (including my favorite party dresses!) Ask your new style/fashion/blogging/personal questions in the comments. If yours wasn't answered, you can always ask again :)

Nura said... How do you search for the perfect partydress/christmasdress? I don't want too Christmas or all black. I want a dress with a twist, not too expensive. Where do you find one?
My online stops for affordable party pieces are TopshopAsosCosNelly and Zara (all EU-based so I don’t have import taxes). Above I’ve put together a few favorites with a twist from Asos, starting at 15 pounds! Excuse the ugly collage, I haven't found a good program for Mac yet ;)

Jayvee Doroteo said... I have a really simple question. How tall are you? :) 
An even simpler answer: I’m 1.62! Hence my extensive heel collection.

Mellisaphie said... What's your priority when buying shoes? Will you buy an awesome pair even they're painful? Will you settle for 1 or 2 sizes bigger of the last pair that you've desperate to find?
Ha! You got me! I just bought a pair that's perfect but pinches one of my toes. I've sworn not to buy uncomfortable shoes though - you never wear them so it's a waste of money. Sometimes I prioritize looks over comfort, but I would never go as far as going a whole size up or down. Uncomfortable maybe, but painful is never ok if you ask me :P

Annie said... This is such a sweet idea. love theQ&A and pictures of your icons.

How do you live? meaning by yourself, witha friend, in an apartment...?

Glad you like it! For the past 4 years I've been living in an apartment with my twin brother Milan. BUT... he's moving out in 3 weeks! So I'll be taking it over on my own and make a blog office in his room. You'll be updated on this big step, of course!

Michelle Lee said... What kind of music/artists do you listen to? :) I love music inspirations I guess it's b/c I sing. Do you sing too?
Only in the safety of my own home or on my bike, late at night, haha! I like UK artists like Adele, Amy Winehouse, Keane, Coldplay and James Morrison. Other favorite genres are soul or in between pop and R&B, like Gnarls Barkley, Erykah Badu, Leela James Beyonce, John Legend, Moby, John Mayer.