7 things I want

(photo via Ibluefate tumblr on weheartit original source?

A list of 7 things that are really on my mind!

1) Laduree macarons

To eat the macarons and keep the boxes.

I wish we could order them online..

(photo via Flickr - _acido)

2) Valentino studded pumps

Old season Valentino pumps but I still love them so much, I hope I will get lucky on Ebay or in a consignment shop!

(both photos via the Sartorialist)

3) Rabbit ears Phone Case

Really want a Rabbit ears or Mouse ears phone case for my Nokia Lumia 800!

(photo via weheartit, original source unknown)

4) a Pom Pom Beanie

To keep "cool" in Winter

(photo via asos)

5) Glitter Nails

image: http://nailsbyelin.blogg.se/

6) Lace Shoelaces

via http://fuckyeahpastel.tumblr.com/
I'm on the look out for these (for my mint dr. Martens)!! (might be a good DIY too!)

7) Fifi Lapin Book

Fifi Lapin "what shall I wear today" Book (here on amazon)and here is a nice review with loads of pictures.

Image via http://paletteofcolours.tumblr.com/