waking up in vegas

 1. Belated birthday presents 2. Changing my room around 3. Chocolate roulette chips 4. Pretend betting money 5. A 4 course meal in Essex for Vegas night 5. Mississippi mud pie 6. Losing at roulette 7. Starbucks gift card from my friend Emma.

I haven't had much chance to blog since last week. I've had a lot going on and needed thinking time as well. Alongside my normal day job, I've some lovely Christmas commissions that I've been working on, alongside collaboration work. I also went to see Arthur Christmas on Wednesday, so had a particularly festive type day of eating snowballs, popcorn and Starbucks and on Saturday night, the girls that I'm going to California, Vegas and San Fran with next year, we all spent the night in Essex at a hotel for a special Viva Las Vegas night they were hosting to get in the mood early. Had some wine, lots of yummy food (obese nowzzz) some fun betting and a disturbing Tom Jones act. Oh and FYI that Mississippi mud pie was one of the best things I think I've ever ate! 

I've just had a catch up with the first two episodes of Pan Am and I'm loving it. It's definitely filling that Mad Men shaped void within me.