Dating Stories II

date night 2

So Zach and I have been trying oh so hard to do dates once a week.  We are succeeding but I'm having a terrible time taking pictures of the occasion.  But I remembered this week!!!  After a horrendously long day at work I was almost not in the mood to go out at all, but a friend of mine was playing a night gig at a local coffee shop, so we had to go!!!  It was a magical night full of singing, a little dancing and a yummy pot of Earl Grey tea. 

date night 4

We also took some photos of our outfits just because:)  Zach isn't as comfortable around the camera as I am, but he was a good sport.  I like his fashion sense.  It's changed drastically since I first fell in love with him.  In those days his hair was blue and he'd wear this awesome Super Chunk t-shirt with some baggy brown corduroys.  Anyways, off topic, but whatevs.


So you ought to totally hear the lovely musicans I got to hear the other night.  It's beautiful music.  Skye Zentz , Natalie Prass, and Evan Donohue 

date night
date night 3

P.S. I know the photos are somewhat grainy but that's what you get when you take pictures at night in dim lit place with your cell phone :(

On Me:
Star Dress, Heritage 1981
Cardigan & Hat, Vintage
Wedge Boots, Target

On Zach:
Cardigan & Shirt, H&M
Jeans, Uniqlo
Clark Desert Boots, Nordstroms