all fingers and thumbs

Models Own - Garnet Red, Dalmatian print 17 and nail art pen
Models Own - Beetle Juice Blue Violet and Rhinestone accent nail
17 - White Polish and nail art pen Dalmatian spots. 

Check out my alien looking hands in the first picture... sick1zzzz. Some recent nail art that have adorned my lanky fingers. I love the disco ball look of the rhinestone nail, I don't have the best top coat which I do need to invest in, it looked amazing for the whole day until when rummaging in my bag for my oyster card I spotted a crazy coloured item inside and it turned out that the whole paint job came off in one swift movement, bugger. I'm doing my nails right now and this photo is my inspiration. 

I'm also selling lots of lovely items on Ebay. Took advantage of the free listings this weekend. Many of the outfits you will have seen on this blog. I'm selling Urban Outfitters dress and playsuit, ASOS coat, Knitted chanel look cardigan and lots more lovely items, definitely worth a look. It's clothes that I still love but haven't worn in ages and I would rather the money/ space!