Yesterday was all about seeing Foster The People at Shepherds Bush and handing my notice in at work! I went for it... I needed to for my sanity, piece of mind and to repair my soul haha. As of Saturday next week I will be a full time freelancer and self employed. I can't wait, It's exciting and scary at the same time. I have to register with the tax 'people' (clued up, clearly...) that I'm self employed as I will obviously still be paying tax. In particular I'd like to say a big thank you to Antonia and Cathryn for their email and tweet support with lots of information and encouragement, to go for what I want. And of coarse my incredibly supportive family who i love and appreciate dearly, without them it wouldn't really be possible (ah gushy..)  I'm going for it 100% and want to really push myself, get experience and succeed. I'm going to work super hard gaining new clients, jobs, commissions, completing illustrations for magazines, online publications to really build up my work and repertoire of work, send letters and work out to agents, work on my business of jewellery really going to be expanding and having a massive re brand, lots of new designs and pieces on the agenda. So I hope you all stick around and watch this space of things to come, It's not going to be easy but I think it'll be fun and exciting, at times stressful and frightening but that's life!

I have plans for website and blog overhaul as well including new headers, buttons and hopefully some tech savvy html stuff! New features, more regular posting and sharing of work and projects. Is there anything in particular that I do now that you like looking at/ reading? Ideas for new posts or features? please leave a comment!