Cashmere and Lace


What does one wear for a marathon day of Christmas shopping?  Well, how about the most inappropriate short dress you own?  Hehe..Yeah...not so cool.  I had to 'gracifully' bend down quite a few times due to dropping my handful of goodies, or to reach something, or to tie my shoes.  You'd think I'd know better!!!  To make my outfit a little more demure I wanted to add something that would compliment the lace.  What compliments lace better than a pretty cashmere and fur jacket?  Quite honestly, I think I would probably love this outfit a little more if the fur collar wasn't real, but I'll take what I can get:)


Speaking of this jacket, I actually bought it about 2 1/2 years ago from my local thrift shop and this is the first time I ever really wore it outside.  I wanted to keep it pristine and tidy.  When I first saw the jacket I immidiatley fell head over heels for it.  But it was $30.  According to the thrift shop manager, it was made by a tailor local to Norfolk in the 1940s.  So I slept on it and the very next morning I made sure to buy it. When something creeps into your dreams in the middle of the night, that means something, right?  hehe..


Well, I hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend!! I spent mine doing some holiday stuff and hanging out with my parents.  Productive enough:)


Lace Dress, 2nd hand from friend
Vintage Jacket, Thrifted
Dolce Vita Oxfords, Thrifted
Bracelet, Lia Sophia
Necklace, Gift from Mom