Top 10 Fashion Blogger DIY's

(photo by SEMI)

Today's Top 10 is all about DIY's! I will give you my favorite 10 DIY bloggers and 2 DIY trends that I just had to include in this post as well.

I was thinking a long time about how to best explain the reasoning behind my favorite 10 DIY bloggers (too bad I couldn't find a DIY for that) I came to the following;

When you see life through the right pair of glasses, your average Hardware Store will become your Tiffanies&Co. 
(this kind of references to a certain blogger in my top 10 of course)(hmm sounds kind of cheesy, doesn't it?)

So check out my list of 10 and the "2 words of the season" and my "3rd thought in the morning" (both very much DIY related!)

2 words of the season:
Glitter Shoes!

Ever since seeing the Miu Miu's, sparkles have been on my mind!
Glitter on the heels, glitter on the back of the shoe, the whole shoe glittered.. It's not only a great DIY for this season it's actually a lot of fun doing!

These are my favorite glitter shoe tutorials:
Diy Glitter shoes by Burda Style (they covered the fixating of the glitters as well!!)  
Le fanciulle diy sparkly boots and glitter heel 
DIY Glitter Converse by Love Meagan

(image via Burdastyle)
(image via Burda Style)
(image via Effiesmakeupbox)
(image via Le Fanciulle)
(image via Love Meagan)

My 3rd thought in the morning: (thought 1; Coffee, Thought 2; food)

Yes, this keeps being on my mind! Stud, studs, studding..
I still want a pair of studded converse, boots, jeans and leather jacket, just about everything. 

I did bought a bunch of studs 2 years ago and failed miserably, the studs kept falling out! So best is to stick with the pro's on this one like Park&Cube here (ahhh she uses a knife and a ruler to bend the darn things!) and ps. I made this (for refinery29) here (ahhh heavy duty tools as well!)

images via: Wheredidyougetthat, The Ensamble Project(tutorial), Maison des Reveries(tutorial), Fashion Toast, Arcanus Grace, Effiesmakeupbox
image by: Carolines Mode

(BLESS) jean pocket tutorial: Miss at la Playa

and finally the top 10!

Shinni still has some of the best DIY's ever and shows us in very well made tutorials how to do it. Her DIY's are very well executed and are my absolute reference in how-to-go-about-things (like studding and ripping jeans) and that makes her my number 1.

2) Love Aesthetics

Ivania's DIY's are brilliant, I don't think I have to say more..

3) Vanilla Scented

Maria's blog is crucial for my DIY list! Most of her creative work are her own designs and art works and thus not really diy's and the (real) diy's go often without a tutorial and are sometimes made after other bloggers tutorials (the fringed shoulder pad jacket and draped skirt are via BUT she's massive inspiration and I'm a very big fan of her designs, the reason her blog is crucial for my list is the fact that when she does a simple diy she thinks outside of the box and translates it in perfect choices of fabrics, colors and placements giving a very own and updated look to a well-known concept!!


Well, hello there birds! Why didn't I think of this dress?
and why didn't anybody else including me think of placing a different color studs under the bag? I'm so going to spray paint studs!!

5) A Pair & A Spare

I really like the cut&sew DIY's and those Prada's are bloody Brilliant!!

ps. very good post about How To DIY!
pps. will be using this tutorial to spray paint studs!

6) Honestly WTF

Loads of my friends and family will be getting bracelets for Christmas!

7) Because I'm Addicted

So many good DIY's!! well executed and good tutorials!!

8) p.s. I made this

Love the collages and the studded trench is just asking to be made!
p.s. they even have a book!

9) Once the Foxy Man now Discount Universe

I still check the old posts from the foxyman on a regular basis, the finger tip glove diy is amazing and the blog is the best diy inspiration! The Discount Universe (blog and store) is also possibly the best inspiration out there when it comes to diy's! Best studded everything out there!! and if I had $$$ I would buy everything!


Also very well executed diy's that will come in handy for future projects, like the chain harness, chain collar necklace, the bunny ears and bracelet.


me :)
well I'm not really part of my own list..

diy miu miu tights
diy embellished tights

Of course there are blogs that should have made my list and didn't this time (stupid number 10)like Outsapop and Chic Steals which are massive DIY resources!! So check them out too!

ps. the person who counts the amount of the word "DIY" in this post gets a cookie ;)