Who Wears The Pants?


This is a change of pace from my last outfit, but this was the perfect thing to wear on a day that was neither too cold nor too warm.  This cashmere jacket was a gift from my parent's about three years ago and I always found that it was a jacket for odd weather.  Coat sleeves that are 3/4 are weird for staying warm, I guess.  Either way, I love the feeling of this jacket and I'll always find some way to wear.  Here I am sporting it in a 'Parisian' cool kind of way;)  hehe..I joke, but a Parisian man said I looked like I grew up in Europe in this outfit, so how could I disagree?!! 


Also, I about made people at work fall out of their chairs when I arrived in pants.  I NEVER wear pants to work.  I prefer the look of skirts and dresses during the work week, but I wanted to change it up, so I thrifted a really nice pair of Express slacks that fit perfect!!!  So now I can say I am the proud owner of a pair of slacks.  


Oh and a note about my sweater.  I got it from a guy's yard sale!!  He collects and sells vintage and I got this amazing green sweater for only $5.  Score!!


And please make sure you check out my Giveaway!!!  It closes on Friday at midnight and there will be 3 winners chosen!!!  Make it happen people!!!  Love you guys!!


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