Brightly Colored


Ok Everyone!!  Raise your hand if you're already sick of the early dark evenings?  I wake up in the dark and I get home from work in the dark.  It's bumming my mood!!!  Now, what do you think cures my doldrums due to darkness?  Well a vibrant burnt orange cape of course!!  I found this stellar knitted cape at a Salvation Army many months ago and it's finally the right season to bring it out.  I believe it's from the 70s, judging by the style and tag, so I went with another all 70s outfit for my Sunday excursions.  My favorite feathered blouse made another appearance for this look and then my trusty H&M trousers. 


Oh, and now that we're all into the holiday season I figured I'd throw it out there that I am super duper excited to finally get my home decorated.  Complete with a post too!!  I love showing off my kitschy decorating skills;)  So far I have a small white Christmas tree sitting in a corner waiting for lights and ornaments so I ought to get right to it!!  


Have a lovely Wednesday folks!! 

Blouse, Buffalo Exchange, NYC
H&M Bell Bottoms, Thrifted
Vintage Cape, Thrifted
Shoes, Modcloth