Sunday Q&A

Welcome to the first Sunday Q&A! Read some of the answers below and ask your questions for next week in the comments! :)

Malu Swartjes said... Do you get recognized often?
Usually just when I go to fashion events. It does happen sometimes when I’m out and about in Amsterdam, usually when I'm shopping or at university.

Michelle Lee said... Great idea. Your typical brunch?
Ideally: cheese cake / carrot cake / brownies / scones and tea. Realistically: I love fruit smoothies, so I’ll have a banana and strawberry smoothie or green tea. To eat I'll have toasted wholegrain bread with cheese or tuna salad or something, maybe some fruit like mango. Crackers or muesli also pass my plate every now and then.

Marie de Chine said... Who is behind the camera? ;-)
The blogger cliché: my lovely and supportive boyfriend Friso.

Eleni said... What do you study at the university? xx
Science of Communication. I’m now getting my Master’s degree in Corporate Communication. Just 3 months left before graduation! All that’s left now is thesis writing until Februari (and yes… it’s about blogs!)

LOIS said... How did you end up in the fashion industry?
Ok… this is a long answer!
I always had a huge interest in fashion, in text, in magazines and in media in general. My parents both have their own communication company so growing up I was surrounded by people that put knowledge about writing, branding and communication in to practice. (As a kid I said that I would NEVER follow their footsteps, yet here I am). At the age of 14 I started working for my dad, who is actually Holland’s bestseller in communication books (some of the books he wrote are Basisboek Communicatie, Communicatie Handboek, Communicatiemanagement and Brand-id). I’m so proud of them and they’ve always guided me to reach my goals.

At 17 I chose to study Science of Communication because it suited my interest in media. In the third year I landed an internship at Grazia magazine as an editor and that learned me a lot. I did my first interviews, wrote articles, had to be independent yet work in a professional team and got to see how a magazine works. A year later I took a break from my Master to do a second internship at ELLE (where I was writing). Which was one of the best experiences and biggest adventures I've ever had. I’m very happy to be back there when I graduate soon!

Girl in the poodle shoes said... Where is the skirt in this photo from??? I am backlogging to see if its here! Love it, what a fabulous idea.
Thanks dear! And the skirt is from Zara.

Anonymous said... Hi, do you feel there is an unspoken pressure for fashion bloggers to remain a certain size? I follow blogs to see how items of clothing from certain labels translate into everyday! It is more real than editorials and you get great inspiration! Thanks.
Hi anonymous. Personally, I would want to be fit and work out a little whether I was blogging or not. But I agree; lot of fashion bloggers are a certain size. (Just as most girls we see in mass media these days). However, there are succesful blogs by more full figured girls as well. To me, what makes blogs interesting is the diversity in styles, opinions, lifestyles and also in body shape.